Wednesday, November 28, 2012

100 Songs for 2012: Outtakes, Day Three

100 Songs for 2012 will be available December 10.  Every day between now and then, we'll be looking at five quality songs that didn't make the cut.

Today, like yesterday, we look at five of the most prolifically brilliant artists of 2012.  Sorry there wasn't room on the list for all of your great songs, guys.  While yesterday's post highlighted five of my established favorites, today we're checking out four brand-new artists ... and The Shins, who would have been a better thematic fit for yesterday's post, but I wanted to keep it at five and five.

Carly Rae Jepsen - "Tiny Little Bows"

Every time I think I might be going overboard in my exuberance for Carly Rae, I click over to Fluxblog and wonder if maybe I haven't gone far enough.

Charli XCX - "Valentine"

Spent 2012 telling anyone who would listen that Charli XCX has never written a bad song.  Retroactively dropping "Nuclear Seasons" into 100 Songs for 2011, probably around #30.

Trails and Ways - "Border Crosser"

"Bossanova dreampop" is now my favorite made-up genre.  Also, playing a free show next Tuesday!

HAIM - "Better Off"

There are a lot of reasons why I'm not ready to have kids yet, but the phrase "family band" is probably at the top of that list.  Look how well it worked out for HAIM!

The Shins - "No Way Down"

Isn't it time we apologized to Natalie Portman's character in Garden State?  Four albums in, haven't the Shins saved all of our lives by now?

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