Friday, December 7, 2012

100 Songs for 2012: Outtakes, Day Ten

100 Songs for 2012 will be available December 10.  Every day between now and then, we'll be looking at five quality songs that didn't make the cut.

December 10 ... that's Monday!  This is the last Outtakes post.  Thanks to everyone for following along, hope you like the Top 100.

Saint Etienne - "Tonight"

Song #101. Saint Etienne basically invented this sound decades ago, but lost points this year when other, newer bands (Chairlift and Chromatics, to name two) did basically the same thing, but better.

Pinback - "Proceed to Memory"

Had they re-booted The O.C. in 2012 (and, honestly, why didn't they?  It's time), this would have been an excellent choice for a poignant, wistful montage. That sounds sarcastic, but I actually mean that as a huge compliment. "Soon all you'll have is the memory / And then you won't even have that memory."

Gossip - "Perfect World"

Basically I couldn't choose between this one and "Move in the Right Direction," and in the end, neither one made it.

Kathleen Edwards - "Empty Threat"

Song I just heard a couple days ago, have been listening to a lot, will probably regret leaving off the list.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - "Thrift Shop"

Just to see if Ilana's still paying attention.  Was also considering this one just to see if Elliot's still paying attention.

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  1. Aaron loving all of the great music on your Top 100 from 2012 .. I was wondering if you have your outtakes as a download somewhere?

    Thanks again fro all of your work and sharing your awesome taste in music!