Wednesday, November 26, 2014

100 Songs for 2014: Outtakes, Day Eight

100 Songs for 2014 will be released on Monday, December 8. In the meantime, we're taking a look at some great songs that didn't make the cut.

When I started putting this mini-playlist together, I didn't realize it would be "Things Ian Cohen Reviewed Positively in Pitchfork," but that's what happened. He generally likes things that are good.

You Blew It!- "Award of the Year Award"

"The grown-up sonics only make the underlying, pound-the-dashboard, yell-to-yourself sentiments all the more loud and clear."

The Menzingers - "I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore"

"The Menzingers excel in desperate, earnest melodic punk with just enough Replacements-esque recklessness to make it clear that the next drink, the next girl or the next endless after-party is never that far out of Barnett's reach and the fight to not fuck up is never over."

Dikembe - "Hood Rat Messiah"

"It’s a sign of the scene’s health that a record as strong as Mediumship can feel like a missed opportunity; they’re a band in transition rather than one that fully realized their potential at the height of their visibility."

Viet Cong - "Continental Shelf"

Cohen didn't actually review this one, but it fits here. "Viet Cong still sound like a band being tugged in opposing directions, but here they control the discordance with confidence, transforming "Continental Shelf" into something disquietingly divine."

Dads - "Grand Edge, MI"

"You sense he’s someone with an insatiable urge to disclose his most intimate secrets and the knowledge that it always results in driving people away; but maybe not this time."

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