Thursday, November 20, 2014

100 Songs for 2014: Outtakes, Day Four

100 Songs for 2014 will be released on Monday, December 8. In the meantime, we're taking a look at some great songs that didn't make the cut.


Some old favorites didn't make the list this year, but we still get to show them some love in the Outtakes.

Penguin Prison - "Calling Out"

You may remember them from: "Don't Fuck With My Money" (#7 in 2011), "Fair Warning" (#36 in 2011), Hood Internet mash-ups

Smallpools - "Killer Whales"

You may remember them from: "Over & Over" (#43 in 2013), kind of being the bad guys in my 100 Songs for 2013 essay

Cold War Kids - "First"

You may remember them from: "Audience" (#15 in 2010), literally any time my buddy Krunal talks about music

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - "Revelation Blues"

You may remember them from: "Hiding" (#61 in 2013), "An Ugly Person on a Movie Screen" (#8 in 2011), my ill-fated "Top 100 Bands Named After NASCAR Drivers" list (list may not actually exist)

Kate Boy - "Self Control"

You may remember them from: "Northern Lights" (#52 in 2012), "In Your Eyes" (#79 in 2012), any time I go off on a tangent about great, weird Swedish pop

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