Friday, December 21, 2018

GLW 005: Dionicio Solano


GLW 006: Erik Kristjanson (coming Monday)
GLW 007: Gina Uriarte (coming Tuesday)
GLW 008: Jamie Pfeifer (coming Wednesday)

I don't always do best songs of the year lists, but when I do, it's best albums of the year lists.

(10) Twin Shadow - "Saturdays" (from Caer)

I hate to be cliché but Twin Shadow definitely started at the top and has been slightly falling from there over the course of his 4 albums. He's still better at 80's nostalgia than most of the more popular 80's nostalgia artists out there though. And then this song, featuring Haim, totally rad 80's vibes!

(9) Spiritualized - "Here It Comes (The Road) Let's Go" (from And Nothing Hurt)

Yeah, Spiritualized.

I know, right?

(8) Wild Nothing - "Letting Go" (from Indigo)

Lyrics excerpt:

Letting go
I wanna be happier now
I wanna be more than closed
Surreal, the way you make me out
The way you crash me down

If Diiv is Oasis then Wild Nothing is Blur. Mmmh, that sounded better in my head. Anyway, more of the same from WN, in a good way.

(7) Richard Ashcroft - "Streets of Amsterdam" (from Natural Rebel)

NME gave this album a poor review, Richard burned an NME magazine on his Instagram account. I am Richard and NME is the music world.

Yeah, that one sounded better in my head too...

(6) Mitski - "Two Slow Dancers" (from Be The Cowboy)

This song made me cry. I cry once every 2 years or so. Rest of the album is pretty good too (album of the year for Pitchfork).

(5) Blood Orange - "Saint" (from Negro Swan)

LOVE the music, could definitely do without all the spoken word and politic stuff.

(4) Beach House - "Woo" (from 7)

These guys keep getting better and better (I'm looking at you, Twin Shadow). No need to skip a song on this album (a rare feat in this day and age).

(3) Editors - "Magazine" (from Violence)

We in the podium now, baby. Bronze goes to Editors who are yet to let me down with an album. Tom and the boys know what they're doing as always.

(2) Arctic Monkeys - "Four Out Of Five" (from Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino)

AM over Editors? Well, this might be my favorite AM album so I guess all is good.

(1) Suede - "Flytipping" (from The Blue Hour)

Best band ever.

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