Thursday, July 8, 2010

Halfway Point 2010: 91-95

Day two of the countdown!

91. Morning Benders – “Excuses”

This one is going to be a LOT higher on a whole bunch of influential year-end lists ... as with Miles Kurosky (below), I like the album (Big Echo) a lot more than I like any individual song.

92. Miles Kurosky – “I Can’t Swim”

Hard to pick one song from the consistently solid Desert of Shallow Effects, could have gone with "Pink Lips, Black Lungs" here ... I still miss Beulah.

93. Erykah Badu – “Window Seat”

As Elliot pointed out, the super-controversial video for this song (stripping naked in public at the site of the JFK assassination is a commentary on what, exactly?) just obscures how great the song itself is.

94. New Pornographers – “Silver Jenny Dollar”

Best of the three Dan Bejar songs on Together makes it the fourth-best song on my second favorite album of the first half of 2010 ... math adds up to #94, I guess.

95. Stars – “Wasted Daylight”

Okay, Stars ... I'm not sure what part of our relationship led you to believe that I wanted a concept album about ghosts, but ... I did not (though I'm probably sending mixed messages by still including two of your songs on this list).


  1. You and I are very different people. I haven't heard stars or taken the time to listen to all of these songs yet, but a concept albumn about ghosts sounds bad ass.

    Now if we can only convince someone to do a concept albumn about Ninjas. They own.

  2. I couldn't agree more because:
    1. Ninja album... that's just ehfing genius. The world needs this.
    2. "Excuses" is not that good, but people are going to love it.
    3. Music videos just ruin music. Thanks for the reminder Ms. Badu.
    4. I had Silver Dollar Jenny at 93, so that must be about right.