Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Halfway Point 2010: 96-100

Let's set some goals. Let's start a long-term project. Let's do something to keep us in touch with the blog, even if it's not really writing.

The Top 100 Songs of the First Half of 2010.

One sentence descriptions.

Rankings, of course, subject to change (I actually think a few of these songs will show up higher on my year-end list, which should prove once and for all exactly how random and unscientific my thought process is on these rankings).  Cutoff point - the second I heard "I Don't Believe You" by the Thermals ... that's the official first song of the second half of 2010.  I bet they're so proud.

Maybe I can talk Ellard into leaving thoughtful, well-crafted comments for each song. If nothing else, it's an excuse to use my slick new* embedded music player.

* And by "new," I mean "most everyone else has already been doing this for a year."

Let's get to it.

96. Free Energy - "Bang Pop"

After "Dream City" and "Something in Common" and "Free Energy" and "Hope Child" ... it looks like this one is going to be their hit - not their best, but I wish them nothing but success.

97. Robyn - "Dancehall Queen"

Ah Sweden, don't ever change.

98. Cults - "Go Outside"

The internet LOVES this song right now ... I'm not sure if I keep playing it because I like it or because I'm trying to figure out why everyone else does.

99. Gold Motel - "Make Me Stay"

Ilana thinks the piano intro sounds like "Only the Good Die Young" - an up and coming band could do worse, I guess.

100. The Roots - "Right On"

Scores major points for somehow flipping a Joanna Newsom single, loses major points for neither rapper really bringing his "A" game, especially the random second dude - I like this song so much better in theory.

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