Friday, December 2, 2011

Outtakes 2011: Randoms

It's Day Eight of the Tip of Your Tongue, Top of My Lungs year-end extravaganza! 100 Songs for 2011 will be available December 5. Until then, we're taking a daily look at five good songs that didn't make the cut. Today's theme: Randoms

Well, we've reached that inevitable point in the Outtakes process ... I can no longer come up with a theme to unite these five songs.  Maybe the theme is Songs That Were Among the Final Cuts from 100 Songs for 2011.  Catchy!

Billy Currington - "Love Done Gone"

Runner-up in the illustrious, semi-annual Aaron's Pop-Country Song of the Year competition.

Future of the Left - "Polymers are Forever"

20% TV on the Radio
20% Thermals
20% "She Will Only Bring You Happiness"
20% "Paradise City"
20% "The Chemicals Between Us"

Icona Pop - "Nights Like This"


Air France - "It Feels Good to Be Around You"

Sweden!  Again!  Seriously, the final cuts were tough on Sweden.  Then again, they have dogs that can ride the subway, so I imagine they'll be okay.

Adam & The Amethysts - "Prophecy"

Sorry, guys, you know my rule:  No Re-Imagining "Auld Lang Syne" as a Sort of Weird Hymn About Witches.  Every year,  a promising song loses out on a spot on the list because of that rule.  But it's there for a reason.

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