Monday, December 3, 2012

100 Songs for 2012: Outtakes, Day Six

100 Songs for 2012 will be available December 10.  Every day between now and then, we'll be looking at five quality songs that didn't make the cut.

Alphabeat - "Love Sea"

Finally answering the question "What if 'Baba O'Riley' was a dance song written and performed by the greatest band in the history of Denmark?"

Tilly and the Wall - "All Kinds of Guns"

You can draw a straight line from "My Boyfriend's Back" through "Listen to Your Body Tonight" to this one. Every couple years, we need a Motown-inspired song where a girl explains how her boyfriend is probably going to kill you, but somehow remains flirtatious while doing it.

Motion City Soundtrack - "Timelines"

It's every late-90s alt rock song combined into one.  Ilana's right that it's a slowed-down version of SR-71's "Right Now," but there's something else in here, too.  Probably several things.

The 1975 - "The City"

The most obnoxiously British thing I heard in 2012, which means it's a shock it didn't make the Top 100.

The Virgins - "Venus in Chains"

Basically all you need to need to about how married life is going for me is that one of the biggest arguments Ilana and I had this year was about whether this song is a more blatant rip-off of The Cars (my opinion) or Tom Petty (Ilana's).

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