Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Guest List Week: Curt's Best of 2016

[It's Guest List Week! The best week! You've heard my thoughts on the year in music, now let's hear from some other people who have equally great taste in music (but somehow have the ability to express their opinions in under 10,000 words)! Guest List Week continues with Curt, who continues his impressive streak of only listening to music I've never heard.]




2016. It's the year where we lost Spock and got Trumped. I'm so ready for 2017.

Off the Rack by Bricks
As far as I know, no one has seen me dancing to this even though it happens every time I hear it. 

Weekend by Louis the Child
The lyrics remind me of when I was in college. 

Anything by Frank Pole
Great beat, great sentiment. Love this one. 

PS GFY by Griz
The only thing better than this song is that I didn't know what PS GFY stood for...

Crazy Love by Audien
Light, floaty love song with a female singer? Yeah, Aaron will probably like this. 

Satisfy by Ashton Love
Great energy in this track. 

Feel the Sun by Kav Verhouzer
When I'm having a down day, this helps pull me back up. 

Follow the Sun by Alex Cruz
Another one that helps break me out of a funk. 

Ain't a Thing by Oliver Nelson
If this comes on when I'm washing dishes, you can assume I'll be dancing and singing into the sponge holder as if it were a mic. 

Wake Up by Mozambo
This is a song where I didn't like the lyrics for a long time because they just weren't needed. The sound of the song is what I wanted. Also, soooo much awesome sax. 

You and Me by The Unknown Neighbour (Axero remix)
My "Remixes Suck!" stance is softening the older I get. Good thing. This version is a ton of fun. 

Been So Long by STéLOUSE
Why do I like this song? The Ooos and Ooohs.

Na Na Na by Moons of Mars
Love the band name and sound.

Bills by grandson
Probably the most outside of my normal spectrum that I included here, but it just speaks to me. I never skip it.

Church on Fire by Skela
Is this my song of the year? Only by about a mile. 

Give It Up by Bear Mountain
I'm such a junkie for these guys. I swear. They could sing my Home Depot shopping list and I'd love it. "This is the part where they sing about ladders!" 

Sideswipe by Beats Antique
I listen to this song a couple times a night when I do homework. Nothing helps me gear up and focus more. 

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