Monday, May 24, 2010

Contenders Series #39: Neon Indian - "Sleep Paralysist"

So, it turns out that my blog was not accepted for Hype Machine.

There are, literally, thousands of blogs on there.

This one, though ... apparently not up to par.

Today is turning into kind of a rough day.

So, in the spirit of resigned defeat, here's a song I've thought about posting for awhile now.  Never thought of anything interesting to say about it.  So here it is.  No commentary.

It's a song.  I like it.

Download:  Neon Indian - "Sleep Paralysist"


  1. I knew you'd post this eventually. It's good. Much better than Terminally Chill. That's unlistenable stuff there.

    Sorry to hear you're blog didn't get HypeMachined, but I'd argue you really don't write about music the same way most bloggers do. And you certainly don't aim for similar audiences. Just something to think about. I could go on, but you're a smart guy. You know what I'm talking about.

  2. Curt:

    (1) If we're talking chillwave, how do you feel about Toro y Moi? Thinking about posting one of their (his?) songs soon.
    (2) Yeah, I'm over the Hype Machine snub. I know I don't write a typical music blog, and I don't aim for a similar audience, but I think, at some point, I WOULD like to have a larger audience (especially for some of the longer essays), and this seemed like a good way to facilitate that.