Monday, July 12, 2010

Halfway Point 2010: 81-85

Week two of the great Halfway Point project!

81. Mates of State – “Sleep the Clock Around”

The all-covers album gets a bad rap (often a last-ditch cash grab by a washed-up band who can no longer write original songs), but, if I was actually in a band, I would totally want to do one and, like Mates of State, I would want a Belle & Sebastian song on there.

82. Penguin Prison – “Animal Animal”

"I wish Mike Tyson was my friend / Then I would tell him everything / That I'm so nervous ..."

83. Shout Out Louds – “Fall Hard”

Sweden Fun Fact: On July 1, Stockholm has 18 hours of daylight each day ... on January 1 it has 6.

84. Jeremy Messersmith – “Toussaint Grey First in Life and Death”

A distant second to Freelance Whales' "Location" in 2010's "Song that Sounds the Most Like Paul Simon" Contest, but still great.

85. Kite Flying Society – “Coney Island”

People often make the argument that the act of downloading MP3s for free weakens our relationship to music, that we are willing to invest more time and effort into something we paid for, and that we just stockpile and ignore MP3s because we can ... well, I bought this album after hearing this song, and I still haven't listened to it, so I'm not sure what conclusion you can draw from that.

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