Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Outside Lands: Saturday Bands 6-10

Since we covered some of the big names yesterday, today is devoted to a few of the lesser-hyped bands from the Saturday lineup. Some of them I heard for the first time in researching this blog post yesterday. And, to be honest, I think I like this five more than yesterday's five. There's a lot of potential here.

(6) Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars

Opened for The Very Best on their recent tour. So now the only thing I know about both Malawai and Sierra Leone is that they produce great music. I'm going to assume this means these countries have no social or economic problems. Utopia over there, Africa. Sounds like it, anyway.

Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars - "Living Stone"

(7) Tokyo Police Club

It's possible Tokyo Police Club is a really good band. I really don't know. I just constantly get them confused with Tokio Hotel and Bombay Bicycle Club and about twenty other bands from 2006-2007 with very similar names. And I like this "Bambi" song quite a bit, having heard it for the first time yesterday. So jury's still out on Tokyo Police Club.

Tokyo Police Club - "Bambi"

(8) Langhorne Slim

Sounds exactly like a guy named Langhorne Slim is supposed to sound. I suspect you will decide whether or not you like this song before listening to it, and I suspect that decision will turn out to be correct.

Langhorne Slim - "Be Set Free"

(9) Electric Six

The year was 2003. Everyone was in a garage-rock revival band. Everyone was from Detroit. Everyone hung out with Jack White. Everyone hacked road signs.

Electric Six - "Danger! High Voltage"

(10) Wolfmother

Like randomly seeing a co-worker in a social setting, it is now surreal and awkward to hear this song outside of a Guitar Hero context. It still rocks pretty hard, though.

Wolfmother - "Woman"

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  1. Sierra Lione Refugee Allstars are really fun live. I saw them 1L summer with the Gadfather (aka Joe). They do both Reggea and traditional african music. Also, Aaron, if you go see them you will be the only person not lighting up, but I am sure that is not an unusual experience for you at concerts.