Thursday, September 9, 2010

Of Montreal - "Sex Karma" (f/ Solange)

I spend most of my day looking for shortcuts. That's not a confession - it's legitimately a part of my job. If I can crib the format of a co-worker's motion for use in my own, it saves me time and the client money. If I can cut and paste a court's analysis into my own, it gives legitimacy to my arguments. The legal profession may require creativity on the macro level, but I'm pretty sure I could do my job competently without crafting one original sentence.

On this blog, though, I value the creative aspects quite a bit more. It sounds pretentious, but I really do believe I have interesting and original things to say about music. The "Song of the Day" project has been fun (for Curt, the one person who listens ... thanks buddy!), but it has also been a little bit frustrating, as I often don't have much to say past "This song is good. You should listen to it." As such, I've taken to posting the songs, commentary-free. I assume you'll make the inference that I like the song.

With "Sex Karma," though ... there was something I wanted to say about it, and not just that it's wonderfully Prince-esque.

Well ... I found a shortcut. Just cut and paste from right here. Now, Fluxblog is one of the absolute upper-echelon music blogs. Matthew Perpetua gives me that shock of recognition on a pretty regular basis. He says quite a few things that I couldn't quite put into words. His recent interviews with Rob Sheffield and Greg Milner are absolutely overflowing with ideas. I shouldn't be too upset that he figured out what I wanted to say before I did.

Still ...
I love that Barnes has Solange sing “you are my only luxury item, if anyone tries to steal you, I’ll fight ‘em.” For one thing, it just comes out sounding adorable, but in terms of pop music subtext, it’s a total flip on the usual dynamics of the lyrics in her famous sister’s hit singles. Instead of putting attraction and relationships in terms of accruing power and riches, this is simple and not at all crass: You’re what matters to me, everything else is just stuff.

... that is exactly it.

Of Montreal - "Sex Karma" (f/ Solange)

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