Monday, November 24, 2014

100 Songs for 2014: Outtakes, Day Six

100 Songs for 2014 will be released on Monday, December 8. In the meantime, we're taking a look at some great songs that didn't make the cut.

A few more old (and new) favorites who didn't make the cut this year.

Stars - "From the Night"

Pioneers of a new kind of sad disco music.

TV on the Radio - "Happy Idiot"

On the one hand, TV on the Radio are like 6-8% responsible for Ilana and I getting married. On the other hand, 2014's Seeds is kinda boring.

Broken Bells - "Holding On for Life"

Literally every person who reviewed this song mentioned the Bee Gees influence, and they were all correct to do so.

Great Good Fine OK - "By My Side"

You may remember them from: "You're the One for Me" (#97 in 2013). Did we ever come up with a name for this sub-genre? Because 2014 is the year I finally got sick of whatever kind of music this is.

Jeremy Messersmith - "Ghost"

We always need more Minnesotans on the list, but "Ghost" falls just short of other Messersmith classics like "Violet," "Knots," or "Toussaint Grey, First in Life and Death"

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