Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Return of Guest List Week: Gina's Best of 2015

[Hey, do you guys remember 2015? We do! There was some great music, and we're not done talking about it. It's the Return of Guest List Week! With Gina Uriarte!]

I have a Spotify playlist called "Songs I'm Digging Right Now." The intention was to file songs I heard that I liked there and then move them to monthly/annual playlists. The album goes back to August 8, 2011 and has 873 songs ... so that's how well that idea is going.

For the purpose of this list, I sorted by date and took a look at the songs I added this year. These are a handful of my favorites in order by the date they were added to my playlist (oldest to most recent):

"Shots" by Imagine Dragons - Jan 27

I bought my nephew the new Imagine Dragons CD this year for Christmas (kids still listen to CDs these days? that's so cute). This is also the first example of, hey kid, I saw this band play at the Indie before they were a huge success. I'm officially that old Aunt.

"Our Own House" by MisterWives - Feb 10 

Who put this band in the 2pm slot at Outside Lands? That's just cruel. Missed most of the set but got to hear this song and it was awesome and made me bitter that I missed the rest of their set.

"Lifted Up (1985)" by Passion Pit - Feb 17 

1985 WAS a good year (how bad can life be when you're 4?)

"Goodbye" by Who Is Fancy - March 5 

Such a nice "fuck off" song

"Flood on the Floor" by Purity Ring - March 6 

Still prefer when they cover hip hop [Ed. Note: AMEN], but this works too

"Crystals" by Of Monsters and Men - March 17 

All their music sounds the same and I'm okay with that

"Anti-Summersong" by The Decemberists - March 23 

This song makes me want to sit on a porch in New Orleans drinking vodka lemonades

"Entropy" by Grimes & Bleachers - March 27 

This is now my second favorite song to be prominently featured on Girls (the first being Robyn's "Dancing On My Own")

"Nonsense" by Madeon & Mark Foster + "Zephyr" by Madeon - April 6 

I just really like this album. These two songs especially.

"Snake Eyes" by Mumford & Sons - April 20 

Gotta love a good slow build. Also "Only Love" but am trying to stick to only one song per artist (collaborations don't count).

"I Can Change" by Brandon Flowers - May 14

I <3 br="" s.="" the="">
"Together" by Ella Eyre - May 19

She's featured on one of my favorite Rudimental songs ("Waiting All Night"). Love her voice. Excited to see her have a solo album.

"Lean On" by Major Lazer featuring MO & DJ Snake - May 28

I'm one of few people who still listens to the radio in my car. I forget when I first heard this song but I can tell you that I've since heard it approx. 1,898,737 times on the radio. And every time I worry for a second that maybe the oversaturation is going to ruin it for me. Nope. Still love it.

"Young & Unafraid" by The Moth & The Flame - June 2

"Young, Wild and Free," "Forever Young" ... I like songs about youth. Wonder what that means ...?

"Be Together" by Major Lazer featuring Wild Belle - June 5

"Maybe if"...two terrible words when it comes to relationships

"Powerful" by Major Lazer featuring Ellie Goulding and Tarrus Riley - June 5

I really should just include the entire Peace is the Mission album

"Coming Back for You" by Maroon 5 - July 7

Maroon 5 is my dirty little secret. And this is coming from someone who proudly loves Miley Cyrus.

"Low Tide by XY&0" - July 7

Soundcloud's review describes this song as, "creating the perfect balance of glitzy indie-rock and delightful dance-pop." -- which pretty much sums up my favorite kind of music

"DNA" by Clarity - July 28

"When It Feels So Good" by Strange Talk - July 28

This song just feels so good

"Waterfalls" by Bag Raiders - July 28

My anthem in Costa Rica

"My Friend Has a Swimming Pool" by Mausi - August 13

Not the summer anthem Hyper Crush's "Rage" was for me, but then again, nothing will ever top "Rage"

"New Americana" by Halsey - August 18

Should be "Raised on 2Pac and Nirvana," but we're splitting hairs here

"Lay It All On Me" by Rudimental featuring Ed Sheeran - October 1

"Empty Threat" by CHVRCHES - October 1

How do you pick just one song off this album?

"Dancing on Glass" by St. Lucia - November 3

"Stressed Out" by Twenty One Pilots - November 9

Judging from my tags, this has happened at least four times: Song comes on the radio. Me, "I like this. Who is this?" Then, "Wait, this kind of sounds like Macklemore. This isn't Macklemore right? I hate him." / reaches for Shazam / Discovers it's Twenty One Pilots / Breathes Sigh of Relief

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