Thursday, December 6, 2018

100 Songs for 2018: Outtakes Day Four


We're down to the closest of the close calls now. I really like all of these songs and I'm honestly kinda surprised there wasn't room for more of them on 100 Songs for 2018.

(1) J Hus - "Dark Vader"

I'm a sucker for steel drums in everything, but especially here, and especially right at 1:42 when the beat evolves into a cross between "Under the Sea" and the theme from the Rugrats movie.

(2) Twin Shadow - "Brace"

To my ear, this is exactly, note-for-note, the same song as "Friends" by Francis and the Lights, and the fact that apparently no one else on the entire internet agrees with me makes me question my sanity.

(3) Charli XCX - "5 In The Morning"

Lindsay Zoladz wrote a great piece on Charli for The Ringer earlier this year, asking the counterintuitive but important question: Does pop music need to be, well, popular? Because Charli seemed to cement her iconic status in 2018 without putting out an album or even a single that really hit. So I guess the answer is 'no'?

Okay, let's go around the world ...

(4) San Mei - "Wonder"

Aussie Pop!

(5) Hinds - "The Club"

Spanish Rock!

(6) First Aid Kit - "Tender Offerings"

Swedish Folk!

That was fun. Back to the US ...

(7) Lucy Dacus - "Nonbeliever"

Dacus is 1/3 of boygenius, so in that sense her spot on every year-end list is secure, but Historian is a good record in its own right, and probably deserves more attention.

(8) The Sidekicks - "Don't Feel Like Dancing"

Every single time, just the slightest pang of disappointment that it's not "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" by Scissor Sisters.

(9) Teenage Wrist - "Chrome Neon Jesus"

"Shoegaze" is one of the hardest genres to define, so let's all take a minute to recalibrate: this is a shoegaze song.

(10) awakebutstillinbed - "Life"

SAN JOSEEEEEE! It is about time the South Bay had some good bands.

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