Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Monthly Mix: October 2021


(1) Camp Trash - "Weird Florida"

I just love these weirdos so much.

(2) Mitski - "Working For The Knife"

I wrote an intensely personal review of this song for The Singles Jukebox, but ultimately decided against submitting it. (It was really more of a review of my own life choices than a review of the actual song.) Anyway, it's a [10].

(3) Pillow Queens - "Rats"

This one I did review, it's awesome. 

(4) Dim Wizard - "Believe In The Magic"

As mentioned last month, Dim Wizard is the side project of David from Bad Moves, who is somehow also playing guitar in Oceanator's touring band?

(5) Me Rex - "Never Graduate"

This song is apparently in a 10/8 time signature, which seems like the kind of thing you do just to prove that you can.

(6) Little Simz - "Point and Kill"

The whole Sometimes I Might Be Introvert album has really grown on me lately, and her Tiny Desk Concert is fantastic.

(7) Spiritualized - "Always Together With You"

Spiritualized's new album will be called Everything Was Beautiful, which is an homage to Kurt Vonnegut, and probably cancels out Wolf Alice's explicit criticism of Vonnegut in "The Last Man On Earth." So, if anyone asks, please tell them that the indie rock community is officially neutral on Kurt Vonnegut for 2021.

(8) Yasmine - "Pega Nha Mon"

Currently the #2 high score on The Singles Jukebox, and honestly I get it. Yasmine is a Portuguese artist working in a tradition that can be traced back to Angola and the Cape Verde islands, but which also has infiltrated a lot of Brazilian dance music. This song is the entire world.

(9) Prince Daddy & The Hyena - "Curly Q"

Several years ago, I saw Prince Daddy open for Oso Oso upstairs at Paradiso. They were fun but sloppy, and it seemed like they were more about bringing non-stop energy than actually writing songs. Well, they have absolutely proved me wrong. This is beautiful.

(10) Weakened Friends - "Tunnels"

Further bolstering their claim to being the best band in the history of Maine (which I don't believe they have ever made themselves, but I have certainly made on their behalf).

(11) Mo Troper - "The Expendables Ride Again"

Troper's Dilettante somehow crams twenty-eight songs into just under fifty minutes, and even that doesn't really capture the sheer density of hooks on the album. Just about every song leaves you wanting more.

(12) Kitner - "Orient Heights"

Just about every song on Shake The Spins could be a single, this is my current pick of the non-"Beth Israel" songs, but I'm pretty confident that will change.

(13) The War On Drugs - "Change"

Playing Ziggo Dome April 22, 2022. Who's in?

(14) Church Girls - "Vacation"

Maybe the most Philadelphia band of 2021?

(15) Strange Ranger - "It's You"

The band is calling No Light In Heaven a mixtape, not a proper album. I have no idea what the difference is, but it doesn't matter when the songs are good.

(16) NOBRO - "Better Each Day"

They spend a full minute on that buildup, but it's worth it. Like if Illuminati Hotties was actually four Canadians. 

(17) Alex Lahey - "Spike The Punch"

So consistent that I wind up taking her for granted. Alex Lahey just does not make bad songs.

(18) Samia - "Show Up"

I'm fascinated by songs that reference other artists/songs. When done right, it can be such a perfect emotional shorthand. From "Show Up":

Last time I came here I stayed at Michael's
So disappointed in our whole cycle
So I woke up, pushed myself off of a tightrope
And listened to MUNA at dawn

That one mention does more to put me in Samia's head space than the entire rest of the verse.

(19) Snail Mail - "Madonna"

None of the advance singles from Valentine have been as immediately gripping as "Pristine" or "Heat Wave" from her debut, but I remain supremely confident in Lindsey Jordan's vision and I can't wait for the album.

(20) Lily Konigsberg - "Sweat Forever"

Stereogum called it a "conflicted sunbeam."

(21) Angel Du$t - "Dancing On The Radio" (feat. Tim Armstrong)

Well now I'm not sure why every album doesn't have a Tim Armstrong cameo. He was in Rancid, you guys.

(22) Semler - "Prodigal Girl"

On the one hand, I want Grace Baldridge to take over the world. On the other hand, parts of her latest EP sound a little too much like Mumford and Sons.

(23) Wet Leg - "Chaise Lounge"

I reviewed Wet Leg's second single, "Wet Dream" for The Singles Jukebox, but "Chaise Lounge" is better. Would have been massive in, like, 2006.

(24) Gang Of Youths - "The Man Himself"

It's actually kind of surprising how few bands these days have a noticeable U2 influence. Gang Of Youths may have cornered the market.

(25) Beach Bunny - "Oxygen"

Other bands it seems like I should love but I just don't include: Spoon, Parquet Courts, Fiddlehead, Bigger Better Sun, and Another Michael.

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