Thursday, December 16, 2021

GL.21.02: Curt Trnka


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Because part of me is forever stuck in 2019, I'm not ready for this. We're sharing our favorite music from 2020? Oh, it's 2021? Huh. Well, here's a list of songs I listened to a lot in the past twelve months. I think. 

RALPH - “Tommy”

Song of the year? How about this: It made my toddler, wife, and me all dance the first time we heard it. Heck, I think the dog was even vibing on this. 

Geographer - “Summer of My Discontentment”

This is my yearly song where I say, "I can't put my finger on why but I can't stop listening to this."

The Revivalists - “Oh No” (Made In Muscle Shoals) 

Few songs exemplify the way I want to feel as well as this does. Rock, horns, and gravelly vocals? Hand me another beer, please. I'm gonna be here a while. 

Moon Taxi - “Above The Water”

We all have songs that find us at the right moment. In the midst of moving, this was one of those for me. 

Chelsea Cutler - “Walking Away”

During my pandemic carpool (we all sat directly next to each other at work, might as well drive together, too) one of the 20-somethings played this song and it stuck. I've had this on my shortlist of favs since shortly after that first listen. 

Levi Hummon - “Paying For It” (feat. Walker Hayes)

"Wazoo." "Achy breakin' too." If you've ever had a bad breakup. This is for you. 

Mating Ritual - “The Bungalow”

Nothing can match the happiness Scissor Sisters music brought me, but wow, does Mating Ritual tap into that same feeling. 

Lizzy Land - “Sweet Melodies”

"I hear a love song circling in my head ..." If you ever want to see a grown man act like he's on drugs when he isn't, just play this song for me. 

RAEKO - “Need 2 Know” (feat. Mating Ritual)

Are you thinking, "Wow. This guy really likes Mating Ritual ..."? Yes. Yes, I do.  

Story of Luc - “Go On”

Crazy Statement Disclaimer: There's so much going on in this song even though there isn't.

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