Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Monthly Mix: May 2023

(1) Remi Wolf - “Prescription”

Instant classic. First serious Song of the Year candidate since February. Written for Boots Riley’s wonderfully insane looking new Amazon series I’m a Virgo, and apparently written in less than twenty four hours, which is a level of genius that I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with one person possessing. 

(2) PONY - “Sick”

Soundtrack to your glittering Toronto summer. The label’s press release says that songwriter Sam Bielanski also does “voice work as Jazz Hooves on the current generation of My Little Pony” and I honestly can’t tell if that’s a joke or not.

(3) Chris Farren - “Cosmic Leash”

(4) Jeff Rosenstock - “LIKED U BETTER”

Great new singles from both halves of beloved pop-punk supergroup Antarctigo Vespucci.

(5) Spanish Love Songs - “Haunted”

Adding some fun synth-pop elements to the classic SLS formula of uncut existential despair. Probably the most upbeat song to ever open with the lyric “you pulled off the road so you could cry.” It’s summertime SLS!

(6) Sydney Sprague - “Smiley Face”

Toured with Jimmy Eat World last year which seems like a strange pairing until you remember they’re both somehow from Phoenix.

(7) Alex Lahey - “The Answer Is Always Yes”

Lahey’s new album is up and down, but it ends on an emphatic high note.

(8) Twin Princess - “Allston”

Like a modern day Ben Franklin, a story of growing up in Boston and moving to Philadelphia (like all good bands).

(9) Crooks & Nannies - “Temper”

Maybe this is just a personal taste thing, but I cannot stand this band name. Like, fingernails-on-a-chalkboard discomfort. I can’t even imagine saying it out loud. That said, they’re from Philadelphia (like all good bands), they spent part of last year opening for Lucy Dacus, and they write some undeniable songs, so I guess I’ll get over it.

(10) Stolen Jars - “Run It Wild”

Every single review references the fact that this was co-written by Greta from Frankie Cosmos, and I think it’s finally time to admit that I don’t know anything about Frankie Cosmos. But everyone else thinks Greta’s involvement is a big deal, so congrats, Stolen Jars.

(11) Shalom - “Happenstance”

Brooklyn-by-way-of-Maryland-and-South-Africa-and-New-Jersey is probably not a hyphenate I’ve used before, but I’m always looking for a unique perspective.

(12) Diners - “The Power”

Somehow another Phoenix band? Press release says this is a song about “eating the whole apple,” but apparently that’s a euphemism for living life to the fullest and not, like, actually eating an apple. Arizona is weird.

(13) Blur - “The Narcissist”

I don’t know how they’ll actually sound at these reunion shows, but wow that is quite a setlist.

(14) Tanya Tucker - “Breakfast In Birmingham” (feat. Brandi Carlile)

Please sign my petition to get these two to write and record an entire record together.

(15) Bonny Doon - “On My Mind”

Not just Katie Crutchfield’s backing band, but also … it’s pretty cool that they’re Katie Crutchfield’s backing band.

(16) Bully - “All I Do”

We’ve already hit the highlights from Lucky For You (“Days Move Slow,” “Hard To Love”) in previous mixes, but here’s one last reminder that it’s a really good album and you should check it out. 

(17) Hudson Mohawke & Nikki Nair - “Set The Roof”

Utterly hypnotic, feels like I could listen to this on a loop for hours.

(18) Beyonce - “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM” (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Beyonce + Kendrick reaches a level of talent and craftsmanship that makes it seem almost disrespectful to put it on a mix. We should be admiring this in a museum or something.

(19) Dua Lipa - “Dance The Night”

Does anyone remember a time before the Barbie movie promotional cycle? What was it like?

(20) Jam City - “Wild n Sweet” (feat. Empress Of)

Not saying it’s as good as “DJ” by Alphabeat (it isn’t), but the fact that it kinda reminds me of “DJ” by Alphabeat is among the highest compliments I can give a pop song.

(21) The Tubs - “Illusion pt. II”

Concerts are back, and good! (Part One)

(22) Blondshell - “Olympus”

Concerts are back, and good! (Part Two)

(23) Teenage Fanclub - “Foreign Land”

First single from their upcoming thirteenth album, and as far as I can tell there’s really no reason they can’t just keep doing this forever.

(24) Lande Hekt - “Pottery Class”

Apparently opening for The Beths in Utrecht next month, which I just found out right now (it’s sold out …)

(25) Orange Dog Club - “untitled”

I mean, they’re called “Orange Dog Club,” what more do you need? Join the club! (Also, a pretty solid Strokes impression.)

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