Monday, December 18, 2023

GL.23.04: Isabel Vermaak


100 SONGS: Aaron Bergstrom
GL.23.01: Ilana Bergstrom
GL.23.02: Curt Trnka
GL.23.03: Marisa Plaice
GL.23.05: Raffa Pantaleo
GL.23.06: Erik Kristjanson
GL.23.07: Lukas Brooks
GL.23.08: Jem Stirling
GL.23.09: Max Einstein


Guest DJ: Isabel Vermaak

This year has been fast-paced, intense, and all about hard work. Whether it was behind the computer, on the road bike, or on the A4 highway (~30.000KM), I used up every ounce of fuel and spent most of 2023 in 6th gear. If you’re looking for 100+ BPM tunes, a manifestation of repressed anger from slow drivers in the left lane, hardstyle, hip hop, house, or perhaps just a splash of f(dr)unk, then here you go. 

(1) Diorange, A.R. Rahman, Nooran Sisters - “Ali Ali”

(2) Yung Felix - “I Need You”

(3) Boef - “Discman”

(4) Natte Visstick - “In De Tram”

(5) Cordae - “Two Ten” (Ft. Anderson .Paak)

(6) Lyrical Lemonade - “Doomsday” (with Juice WRLD & Cordae)

(7) BUNT. - “Renaissance”

(8) Martial Simon - “Tu Vuò Fà L’Americano”

(9) Dave, Central Cee - “Sprinter”

(10) Swimming Paul - “Fading”

(11) Tove Lo - “I like u”

(12) Jungle - “Dominoes”

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