Friday, December 17, 2010

100 Songs for 2010: 41-45


We're counting down our 100 favorite songs of the year.  Today, 41-45.  Check out previous posts here.


45) The Thermals - "I Don't Believe You"

A smoother sound on this album, not so much a mellowing as a sublimation of an intensity that’s still there. The Thermals career path seems to be in line with that of TV on the Radio, from ragged brilliance (More Parts Per Million) to fully realized genius (The Body, The Blood, The Machine) to a more classic-sounding polish (Personal Life). This is how punks age gracefully.


The Thermals - "No Culture Icons"
The Thermals - "An Ear For Baby"

44) Arcade Fire - "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)"

Finally, a “Heart of Glass” for my generation! Runaway winner of this year’s award for Single That Sounds Absolutely Nothing Like The Rest Of The Album. I know the band is a cultural phenomenon at this point, so it probably isn’t really a concern, but what if this was the first Arcade Fire song someone heard? That person would be in for a surprise.


Blondie - "Heart of Glass"
Arcade Fire - "Haiti"

43) Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - "Back in the Saddle"

Piggybacking off of the Hanson comment above, this song will be playing over the opening credits to my coming-of-age road trip comedy. But it’s one of those Little Miss Sunshine/Wes Anderson-type comedies that’s actually really sad most of the time.


Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - "In Pairs"
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - "Oregon Girl"

42) Hanson - "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'"

Hanson-Thinking 'Bout Somethin' from Kelly Kerr on Vimeo.

So ... Hanson.

It’s always been one of my favorite devil’s-advocate arguments that Hanson is, and has always been, a good band. I have no problem with “MMMBop.” I think their second album would have been a huge success had it been recorded by anyone else. “If Only” has been on basically every party or running mix I’ve made in the last five years.

So this is their new single. I challenge anyone to explain to me how it is anything but completely wonderful.

JD said this is the kind of song that would play over the closing credits of a Disney movie starring a talking animal, and I have to admit that he’s probably not too far off on that one. If I may retort: Yeah, but still …

Hanson - "If Only"
Hanson - "This Time Around"

41) Gorillaz - "Superfast Jellyfish"

In which you should listen to it again right now.

Absolutely as innovative, catchy, silly, and weird as you would expect a collaboration between these three bands to be.

De La Soul - "Oooh"
Super Furry Animals - "Northern Lites"
Blur - "Country House"

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