Wednesday, December 18, 2019

GLW 002: Curt Trnka


GLW 003: Remko Van Knippenberg (coming tomorrow)
GLW 004: Saskia Warwick (coming Friday)
GLW 005: Ben Evangelista (coming 12/23)
GLW 006: Marisa Plaice (coming 12/24)
GLW 007: Megan Swidler (coming 12/25)
GLW 008: Erik Kristjanson (coming 12/26)
GLW 009: Desa Warner (coming 12/27)


Sabrina Carpenter - In My Bed

When I realized I was dancing to this song while mowing the lawn two things dawned on me. First, I would need to add this to my year-end list, and second, I would need to re-mow the section I just did...

Wasuremono - Self-Help

Between the lyrics, handclaps, and beat, this song somehow feels like it's both an upper and a downer. Not sure why, but it just works.

Cruiser - Get Out

Ahhhhh-ooooooo! My wife has likely wondered what the heck I'm listening to as I lipsync along and look like I'm trying to be Teen Wolf.

Lowell - War Face

Smokey, sultry voice? Check. Lyrics I can "Oooooo" along with? Check. But the kicker here? The drums. That beat in the background. When that comes in, I'm just stomping around the house faux-howling again.

Frank Pole - Do To You

If you had a video of me on the treadmill when this song comes, you'd have a viral hit for sure. My arms flail, I try my best to dance and sing along, and I often nearly fall. YouTube gold just waiting to happen.

Griz - I'm Good

For a while now, Griz has been a weak spot for me. I love the horns, the style, and the lyrics. You cannot make a better pick-me-up song for my money.

Papa Ya - Too Cool

I'm a sucker for this guy's voice. Is it real or digitized in the studio? I don't care. I can't get enough. He could likely sing my wife's shopping list to me and I'd be tapping my foot along to it.

Madeon - All My Friends

This is a song for me where I have to wonder why they made anything but the chorus. Just give me more chorus!

All the Rest - Our Youth

Only as I started to write this did I understand what the "Ooo-Ooo-Ooooth" was in this song. And not understanding the words had zero effect on how much I enjoy this song.

Lume - Tip of Your Thumb

Strong vocals and a song I kept coming back to all throughout the year. Gotta love that replayability!

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