Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Contenders Series #42: Thermals - "I Don't Believe You"

So we've moved into the second half of 2010. The Twins have played more than half their games, I've been at my job for more than six months ... and I still haven't gotten around to finishing that post on Broken Bells' "The High Road" that I started in January. Time flies, except when it doesn't.

For those of us obsessed with list-making, the year's halfway point is a time for contemplation ... and a time for downloading a LOT of music posted in handy ZIP form by other blogs. It is also a time to notice that a month has passed since my last post here. A couple days ago, Strong sent me an email running down some of the new stuff he's been listening to. Ellard, despite being a new father, still has time to blog my previous blogging (this brings me just otherworldly amounts of joy ... I hope he knows this).  Elliot, despite living in a state without running water, has started a new blog.  All of those guys are, in the last month, more prolific music writers than I am, apparently.  I'd like to fix that.

So let's change everything.  First off, we've got a new blog template, something that doesn't look so much like an abandoned MySpace prototype.  Second, I've pulled the blog from search engines.  This should help with some of the takedown notices.  After being rejected from the Hype Machine, I'm re-orienting the blog.  This is for people I actually know, and that's it.  I'll get famous some other way.  Third, and most awesomely, you now have the ability to play all my Contenders songs directly from the blog.

To prove it, here's today's song:

Thermals - "I Don't Believe You"

How cool is that, huh?  You can also download songs directly from this page as well.

So hopefully this is the first post of many over the next few days.  I'd like to run down my 100 Songs for the First Half of 2010, as well as, um, let's say 25 albums.  I'd like to catch up on concert reviews.  I still have a LOT more to say about Jesus Music.

Here's hoping all that comes true.  However, it sounds like the Thermals have a more realistic worldview.  Yeah, I wouldn't believe me either.

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  1. i vote more stuff on jesus music. big fan of those posts, as it gives me insight into the world of a younger, more innocent aaron.

    /still has not heard aaron swear to this day.