Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Guest List Week: Desa's Best of 2015

[Guest List Week ventures up to Sacramento, for more dance party magic from Desa Warner! Desa is probably the only person who appreciates "Sunday Candy" as much as I do. Love that she got into the Demi Lovato deep cuts, and even that she ignored my (still correct) criticisms of Halsey.]

I’ve thought about this guest list all year. When I would hear a new song I’d think to myself – is this guest list worthy? My criteria are simple: each of the songs on this list has gotten stuck in my head at some point this year, resulting in me playing them obsessively on repeat. I tend to focus on the lyrics of songs, and the more clever or unusual the lyrics the more likely the song is to pique my interest. Also, I can’t pass up a good dance tune.

(1) Phoebe Ryan - "Mine"

I discovered this song in early 2015 and it has traveled with me throughout the year. I added it to my snowboarding playlist in March when my husband Jared and I went out to Park City, UT. It was a go-to on my “Not Quite Dance Songs” playlist. I sang it in the shower and on my rides to work -- and I still like it. So, it gets the top slot.

(2) Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - "Sunday Candy"

Aaron posted a music video of this song on Facebook at the beginning of the summer and I was instantly hooked. It became a project song for me, meaning I played each verse over and over in the car until I could sing along with every lyric. I still get frustrated if I mess up a line, which forces me to start the song over so I can get it right. How can you not like this song? It’s about the guy’s grandma! Also, the line “You smell like light, gas, water, electricity, rent, “ is gold.

(3) Deluka - "Black Magic"

I’m not sure this is actually my third favorite song of the year, but it fits in nicely in the flow of the playlist. It’s sassy and has a good beat.

(4) DNCE - "Cake by the Ocean"

I have no idea what this song means but it is my latest binge-listen.

(5) Sjowgren - "Seventeen"

This is a sneaky addictive song. I think I heard it ten times before it really sunk in how cool and catchy it is. This song gave me all of its love and all that I need. (Ha! It’s a lyric…you’ll see).

(6) Priory - "Weekend"

I feel like songs that have the word “weekend” in them start a leg up from other songs. I hope this becomes your latest Friday afternoon, heading home after a long week anthem.

(7) Pell - "Queso"

It’s a catchy dance song with some substance to the lyrics; my cup of tea. Favorite line: “At least you’re not a cigarette, that’s what I tell myself; Addicted to, your confidence…”

(8) Jon Bellion - "All Time Low"

“I was the knight in shining armor in your movie;
Put your lips on mine and love the after taste;
Now, I am a ghost, I call your name, you look right through me;
You’re the reason I’m alone and masturbate.”

I like this song because it’s funny.

(9) Selena Gomez - "Good for You"

Oh Selena Gomez, this is not your first time on my guest list. I don’t care that you are dressing a little more skanky these days. I think you are adorable and I like so many of your happy, poppy songs.

(10) Lola Marsh - "You’re Mine"

A dreamy, Sunday morning song.

(11) Kat Dahlia - "I Think I’m in Love"

I rebelled against this song at first but found myself humming it around the house. Eventually it won me over with its quirkiness.

(12) Shakey Graves and Esme Patterson - "Dearly Departed"

I’ve been kinda into ghosts this year. My reality TV show guilty pleasure these days is The Haunting of … where they take the subjects of Celebrity Ghost Stories to the place of the haunting with Kim Russo, a psychic medium, to find answers about their paranormal experiences. This song is an extension of that… Listen at your own risk.

(13) Little Mix - "Hair"

Feel free to dance around the house to this one. I’m totally with you in spirit.

(14) Icona Pop - "Emergency"

I think my love for “I Love It!” has influenced this pick. Nonetheless, it stands on its own as a solid dance party song.

(15) Josh Ritter - "Getting Ready to Get Down"

I don’t have a true country song on my list this year. Here’s the closest you’ll get from me country fans.

(16) Marian Hill - "One Time"

My favorite radio station is playing this song with reckless abandon right now. I’m a convert.

(17) Lunchmoney Lewis - "Bills"

Try not to smile while listening to this song. Impossible!

(18) Demi Lovato - "Stars"

We really don’t need the light, cuz’ we’re stars tonight.

(19) Lord Huron - "Fool For Love"

I really hate the musical intro of this song. I would regularly skip it on my playlist until I realized that if I just made it through the first few boring, generic seconds I would be rewarded with a great toe-tapping song.

(20) FLETCHER - "War Paint"

Although I am confused by the combination of the tribal beat/chanting, lyrics about castles, and the album image of a girl in a poncho, it’s an enjoyable little tune.

(21) Halsey - "New Americana"

I like this song despite Aaron’s critique that it is just a list of random things.

(22) Travie McCoy and Sia - "Golden"

Jared is a Celtics fan and when Rajon Rondo was at his prime on that team, I had a celebrity crush on him. However, whenever he would talk on camera, a little bit of the crush diminished. So, I pretended Rondo’s voice sounded more like Travie McCoy’s voice and all was solved. Now, Rondo has moved to MY basketball team, the Sacramento Kings AND Travie McCoy has a new song with Sia all in the same year – coincidence???

(23) The Wind and The Wave - "Ignition Remix"

It’s been the year of Ignition remixes – but this one’s my favorite.

(24) Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - "S.O.B."

I’m pregnant and haven’t had a drink since August 1st. The chorus, “Son of a bitch, give me a drink!” resonates.

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  1. Loved your 2014 lists, because I could download them and play thru iTunes. Still listen to them lots! Spotify not so reliable here though...