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GLW 005: Ben Evangelista


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GLW 007: Megan Swidler
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I have known our fearless musical leader and ally Aaron Bergstrom since 2017 (which honestly does NOT feel like the correct amount of time associated with our relationship but it is indeed true.) For two years I have heard his requests, his battle-cries for his loved ones and peers to please for the love of god rank their favorite songs of the year. It’s not that hard! Spotify does it for you. .. and yet I’ve avoided avoided avoided until the cows come home. What I’ve gathered is when it comes to making decisions that involve rank, favorites; intense decision-making that could result in forming an actual, solidified, concrete opinion? I am frozen with fear. For that very reason, I present BenE’s Top 45 Songs of 2019, listed alphabetically, for internal reasons that I’ll continue to work on with my therapist in 2020. 

Anyways, enjoy! Holler if you want to see a show! Holler if you want to lay on my floor and listen to music!


PS. We miss you Aaron & Ilana.. nobody can get to shows on time anymore.

1. “Basquiat" - Jamila Woods, Saba — I hadn’t heard Jamila Woods until this year and I was blown away by this album. 

2. “Borderline” - Tame Impala — NEW ALBUM OUT ON VALENTINE’S DAY 2020! I love Tame. I will always love Tame. Their new singles have me on the edge of my seat for The Slow Rush. I was not able to get tickets to their show at the Chase Center so if there is anyone out there reading this, keep me in mind? 

3. “Cash Shit” - Megan Thee Stallion ft. DaBaby — Megan had a summer ... a year ... I’m a Hot Girl. Fav line: “he know he given his money to Megan” 🤪

4. “Cattails” - Big Thief — Big Thief released two albums this year? Cattails makes me feel really good. Big Thief also makes me feel really good.

5. “Cellophane” - FKA Twigs — Duh?

6. “The Chain” - The Highwomen — God the Highwomen truly made my year. I saw the four of them perform at Newport Folk Festival w/ a slew of other acts; Dolly, Sheryl, Yola. I heard their cover of “The Chain” for the first time during their set and my body had chills for 3 minutes straight. Brandi Carlile for president!!!!!

7. “Con Altura” - Rosalía, J Balvin, El Guincho — 2019’s biggest regret is having to go on a business trip and not getting to see Rosalía live. 

8. “Cruel Summer” - Taylor Swift — I love a Jack Antonoff production which leads me to admit I do, bravely and securely, love Cruel Summer

9. “< demons >” - Kim Petras — The TURN OFF THE LIGHT release was the soundtrack to my fall. I kind of loved more electro-beat heavy tracks over some of Kim’s songs. Demons, Transylvania, Boo Bitch!, Knives, Omen. Kim is my queen!

10. “Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You” - Julia Jacklin — Ugh this song is heart wrenching and beautiful and so is Julia. I love that she got the chance to open for some Lana shows. I saw her at Swedish American Music Hall in a very intimate environment and felt all the feelings.

11. “Dylan Thomas” - Better Oblivion Community Center — Phoebe Bridgers is my most played artist of 2019! Am I a sad white girl? Or an indie gay with a sad girl rock addiction? I am enthralled with every single note of music that comes out of her mouth. And of course, Conor Oberst. More Phoebe in 2020! We BEG. I’m also campaigning to get BOCC to Newport Folk Festival

12. “For Sure” - Carly Rae Jepsen — One of my faves off of her 2019 Dedicated album. The clapping, the drum beat ... a perfect CRJ song.

13. “Gone” - Charli XCX, Christine and the Queens — Fav song off Charli! Amazing beat. Music video perfection? 

14. “Hey, Ma” - Bon Iver — I love love love loved I,I which was a surprise and a delight to me because I wasn’t a huge fan of 22, A Million. This album spoke 2 m3 and this song lead the charge.

15. “Hold Me Anyway” - Wilco — I’m getting real Yellow Submarine vibes from this song and a few of the tracks on this album.

16. “Hungry Child” - Hot Chip— Hot Chip Came Back And They Came Back To Play Dot Org! A Bath Full of Ecstasy was a gorgeous summer soundtrack.

17. “Lark” - Angel Olsen — God dammit Angel Olsen’s All Mirrors is a near perfect album. This album felt like a modern day ode to Kate Bush. This song is still on repeat in my apartment, in my office, walking around SF. More Angel, always.

18. “Little Trouble” - Better Oblivion Community Center — I couldn’t pick one 😕 But this release was a WONDERFUL fall surprise.

19. “Lonely Boys Paradise” - DOPE LEMON — I went down a very deep DOPE LEMON rabbit hole this year and I’m very glad I did. Angus Stone’s latest project, Smooth Big Cat rocks. (Thank yew Benjamin Thomas).

20. “Lover (remix)” - Taylor Swift ft. Shawn Mendes  — 🙂

21. “Love Song” - Lana Del Rey — I use to love Lana ... and then I stopped loving Lana ... and now I’m back to being absolutely obsessed with Lana? This song! Makes me sad! And also happy! NFW album in entirety is a huge highlight for me

22. “Love You For A Long Time” - Maggie Rogers — Release a song after a world tour? Why not? More Maggie Rogers thoughts below.


24. “My Wing” - Hiss Golden Messenger — My favorite folk kings released an album this year and it’s an album for any and all occasions. If you don’t know Hiss Golden Messenger wake UP because they make your insides feel nice.

25. “NASA” - Ariana Grande— I want to put the entire album on here but I know that’s not realistic? Ariana fed her fans with two amazing back to back albums and for that we are thankFULL.

26. “Next Level Charli” - Charli XCX — another Charli track. This album opener reminded me of Pop 2 and needs to be celebrated.

27. “Norman fucking Rockwell” - Lana Del Rey — I couldn’t pick one! Opening line: God Damn, man child. You f*cked me so good I almost said ‘I love you.’ LOL. Lana ... lyricism!!!

28. “Now I’m In It” - HAIM — They’re back! The sisters we love and adore! I did indeed share an elevator with Alana Haim at the Ace hotel in DTLA and nobody believes me! This music video made me cry cry cry cry CRY! I am the fourth Haim sister! Fight me!

29. “Party For One” - Carly Rae Jepson — Another track off of Dedicated that is so very CRJ at it’s core. It follows the formula and I love.

30. “Pink & Blue” - Tycho, Saint Sinner — I accidentally smoked too much weed at their show at the Greek and thought I *was* Tycho. What a fun album and fun collaboration. 

31. “Quiet Light” - The National — ! So sad! I love sad! Great album. 

32. “Redesigning Women” - The Highwomen — I had to throw a song from their debut album on here. These women are the future.

33. “Ronin” - Sturgill Simpson —Sturgill’s new rock ballad album (can I call it that?) is incredible. Ronin opens the album up and makes me want to flip a car with my bare hands.

34. “Say It” - Maggie Rogers— Ok. Maggie! Maggie dearest Rogers. Heard It In a Past Life made waves this year. “Say It” is my favorite track off the album. It’s like watching a best friend (absolutely do not know Maggie) or sister succeed?

35. “Softly” - Clairo — A Rostam production. Feel good internet girl vibe music.

36. “Something to Hope For” - Craig Finn — Really meaningful, powerful song. A definite favorite this fall.

37. “Stay High” - Brittany Howard — I have a crush on Brittany Howard.

38. “Tempo” - Lizzo ft. Missy Elliot — Absolute favorite track off of Lizzo’s latest. Seeing Lizzo live is ... Church! Run, sprint, sell your belongings to see her live.

39. “Tied Up” - Moon Boots — Unbelievably fun track.

40. “Time To Get Over It” - Anna of the North — “ 😌” —> me when Anna opens her mouth!

41. “True Blue” - Mark Ronson feat. Angel Olsen  Late Night Feelings is such an amazing album with a ton of talented contributions. Obviously I am drawn to the Angel track but King Princess, Lykke, Miley all make gorgeous appearances.

42. “Walking on a String” - Matt Berninger, Phoebe Bridgers — The National + Phoebe… ok! We will take it.

43. “Watermelon Sugar” - Harry Styles — I have finally come around to realizing and admitting that Harry Styles is a babe and he’s also my new boyfriend! 

44. “Who I Am” - Toro y Moi — This year I also FINALLY came around to a Toro y Moi obsession and I’m actually devastated that it took this long. Outer Peace is amaze.

45. “Without A Blush” - Hatchie - listen to this song and tell me it shouldn’t be on my list.

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