Wednesday, December 20, 2023

GL.23.06: Erik Kristjanson


GL.23.07: Lukas Brooks
GL.23.08: Jem Stirling
GL.23.09: Max Einstein
GL.23.10: Tony Schoenberg


yeule - dazies”

“dazies” gets the nod from me because of just how different it sounds. I was blown away the first time I heard it - had to immediately listen to it again - and was like 'what did I just listen to?!' I love when songs sound like nothing else but you hear the inspiration. “dazies” is like if Billy Corgan was a 20 something non-binary Korean person, in their prime, and made a song that sounded fresh.

Sufjan Stevens - “Will Anybody Ever Love Me?”

Yes, I do Sufjan. And I love this song, too. Has a beautiful build like many of the songs on this album.

Wednesday - “Chosen to Deserve”

The story-telling here is just so relatable, especially growing up in the South. I may or may not have eaten too much Coricidin one year at Music Midtown and it did not go well (and I've def done it in the back of an SUV, maybe under a dogwood?). Brilliant.

Sofia Kourtesis - “Estación Esperanza”

Really loved this whole album. This one and “How Music Makes You Feel Better” jumped out to me. I chose this one when I learned it samples an actual protest in Peru against homophobia. Can't wait to see her at 1015 Folsom!

Big Thief - “Vampire Empire”

Seems like every year I have a song from Big Thief or Adrianne Lekker on here. Everything they put out is quality.

boygenius - “Not Strong Enough”

Much was said and written about boygenius as they became superstars this year. This one did it for me (and really makes me want to drag race through a canyon).

Mitski - “My Love Mine All Mine”

I'm glad this song got so popular this year - people could use more beautiful, serene, calming sounds in their lives.

Ratboys - “The Window”

Discovered Ratboys this year and loved this album. I picked this song given the lyrics are equal parts beautiful and gut-wrenching.

Slow Pulp - “Slugs”

90s grunge rock influenced with ear worm chorus, yes please!

Young Fathers - “Rice”

This band continues to make music that is both wholly unique and really good - an impressive feat.

L'Rain - “New Year's UnResolution”

Supremely smooth dancy music on top of reflective lyrics always does it for me (“Will you forget me along the way?”). Look forward to getting down to this on NYE.

Courtney Barnett, Chastity Belt - “Different Now”

Do you think good song writers have the ability to relate directly to you? Or we're all so self-obsessed we apply general lyrics directly to our own lives? Probably a bit of both, but Courtney Barnett did that here and I needed to hear what she said. Also, the keyboards sound like a Bruce Springsteen song.

Hotline TNT - “Protocol”

This song and album go squarely in the innovative category, moving music forward is important!

Burna Boy - “Tested, Approved & Trusted”

I'd be willing to bet that when Burna Boy uses the line “jump up on my body like animal,” it works.

TORRES - “Collect”

Bad-ass. Should be every bounty hunter's theme song.

The Tubs - “Illusion pt. II”

Call me a sucker for jangly, post-punk rock songs with a moody Brit voice, but I dig this!

Slowdive - “kisses”

The best of its kind for when I'm in the mood for this kind of stuff (which is pretty much every time I'm on an airplane).

The Clientele - “Claire's Not Real”

Sounds like it could have come out in the late 60s and led me into a deep The Clientele hole for a few days, which was time well spent.

Kali Uchis - “Moonlight”

Undoubtedly the best song to get high to in the moonlight, with your lover.

Carly Rae Jepsen - “Psychedelic Switch”

Whenever you need a pick me up, just crank this little number.

Nation of Language - “Stumbling Still”

Listened to this album a ton this year and bummed to miss them at the Independent. The parallels to LCD Soundsystem are real.

Militarie Gun - “Very High”

Punk rock!! Crisply sums up why a whole bunch of people are getting very high (they are feeling pretty down).

Roosevelt - “Ordinary Love”

Sometimes you just need straightforward, fun music with cheap thrills and easy pay-offs.

Bad Bunny - “MONACO”

This is a bonus track to my 23 song list given my 4 yr old constantly requests Bad Bunny, telling everyone he's her favorite singer. So I listened to him a lot, and although I don't understand any of the words, I recognize the RIZZ.

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