Thursday, November 29, 2012

100 Songs for 2012: Outtakes, Day Four

100 Songs for 2012 will be available December 10.  Every day between now and then, we'll be looking at five quality songs that didn't make the cut.

I've always had a noticeable soft spot for pop music, but this year it seemed like my tastes dovetailed with those of Top-40 and alt-rock radio even more than usual.  Every year, after the list comes out, I get comments from friends along the lines of "I only recognized one song on your entire Top 100" or "I don't know who any of these people are - I think you may be making some of these band names up."  I don't think that will be a problem this year.

Here are five more big hits that just missed the Top 100.  They'll have to find solace in their massive commercial success, wealth, and fame.

Kanye West - "Clique"

Also a strong contender - just a loop of Kanye saying "Mitt Romney don't pay no tax" over and over again.  An anthem for our times.

Fun. - "Some Nights"

By mid-2012, Fun. took over Foster the People's title of "Breakout Act the Cool Kids Love to Hate," which was probably undeserved.  I still think they write tight, brilliant songs, and their live show is not to be missed (though I worry about how it will translate to larger venues).  My only quibble is with their inexplicable overuse of auto-tune, which made songs like this one wear out their welcome a little quicker than normal.

Lumineers - "Hey Ho"

At a bachelor party this summer, a buddy of mine told me he was listening to these guys a lot.  I'd never heard of them.  From that exact moment on, they were EVERYWHERE.  I feel like this happens to me all the time - with bands, vocabulary words, annoying tendencies of people on Muni - as soon as you become aware of it, you realize it's everywhere.  Is there a term for this?

Mumford and Songs - "I Will Wait"

The only thing more surprising than their breakthrough with "Little Lion Man" in 2009 is the fact that apparently they won't be a one-hit wonder.  Still waiting for that trend piece on how folk music can possibly be viable in today's culture.

M.I.A. - "Bad Girls"

Though if I were ranking videos, it would be much higher.

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