Thursday, December 26, 2013

Guest List Week: Dionicio's Top Twenty

[It's Guest List Week! We had so much fun with Guest List Week last year that we're hoping it becomes Guest List Month this time around. We've already got a bunch of great lists lined up, and we're looking for more. If you have opinions on the year in music, we'd love to hear from you. Previous Guest List Week posts are collected here. And, if you're looking for my 100 Songs for 2013, you can find it here.]

[Guest List Week II continues with our first international entry! Live from Saltillo, Mexico, it's Ilana's co-worker Dionicio Solano! More than anything, I respect Dionicio's eternal devotion to Britpop. I'm so excited that someone else is still listening to Suede.]

(1) The National - "Sea of Love"

The National is more of an albums band, I had to pick one song out of what was my favourite album of 2013.

(2) Editors - "Formaldehyde"

Same story as the National, my second favourite band right now and a song from my second favourite album of 2013.

(3) Rhye - "Open"

Certainly of the most overplayed songs of the year at home, it helped that my wife loved it.

(4) Haim - "Forever"

Like a smash hit from the 80’s that never was.

(5) Blood Orange - "You’re Not Good Enough"

I discovered this guy this year, massively underrated.

(6) Ludovico Einaudi - "Run"

The title is 100% appropriate, running to this track is awesome.

(7) Travis - "Where You Stand"

Best track on the album by a mile, sounds like when Travis were amongst the best.

(8) Trails and Ways - "Nunca"

Underexposed, underrated, but not underplayed for me.

(9) Arcade Fire - "Afterlife"

This track has a deep personal meaning for me, very emotional and powerful track.

(10) Vampire Weekend - "Ya Hey"

I’m not 100% sure what the lyrics are about, but it’s pure VW awesomeness.

(11) Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Sacrilege"

Awesome track by the YYY’s, Karen O at her best.

(12) Beady Eye - "Off at the Next Exit"

This might be Beady Eye’s best song so far (they don’t have many, but this one is really good).

(13) Disclosure - "When a Fire Starts to Burn"

Energetic start to a great album.

(14) Daft Punk - "Instant Crush"

These guys should do more tracks together.

(15) Johnny Marr - "European Me"

Who knew JM could sing?

(16) Foxygen - "San Francisco"

I don’t know about the lyrics here either, but the melodies are really good.

(17) The Naked and Famous - "What We Want"

Guilty pleasure track.

(18) Daughn Gibson - "Won’t You Climb"

This year’s DG album was not that great, but this track was awesome.

(19) Suede - "Hit Me"

Pure nostalgia for the times when Suede were the best.

(20) The Courteeners - "When You Want Something You Can’t Have"

Nice little Britpop ballad.

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