Wednesday, November 19, 2014

100 Songs for 2014: Outtakes, Day Three

100 Songs for 2014 will be released on Monday, December 8.  In the meantime, we're taking a look at some great songs that didn't make the cut.

Let's talk pop music.  In a year when we all rallied around our all-consuming hatred for "Rude" by Magic!, it seemed like most of the songs on the radio could be described as ... fine, I guess. I really don't have an opinion either way on Five Seconds of Summer, or One Direction, or the deluge of interchangeable Calvin Harris and Avicii songs. I'm mostly pro-Nicki Minaj and anti-Drake, though not to the point where I want to argue about either one. And a larger-than-usual number of pop super-hits will be on 100 Songs for 2014. Here are a few others I liked.

MKTO - "Classic"

Every generation gets the SoulDecision they deserve.

Nico & Vinz - "Am I Wrong?"

You hear this song and you just think "These dudes are Norwegian, that couldn't be any more obvious." Well, at least I do.

Tinashe - "2 On" (f/ Schoolboy Q)

I don't begrudge Tinashe her success, but what does she do that Cassie couldn't do even better? I will never understand how Cassie didn't become a huge star.

Ariana Grande - "Break Free"

I feel like I should probably hate Ariana Grande for something, but her Wiki page has three footnotes related to dog adoption, so all is forgiven. ("Bang Bang" is still terrible).

Sam Smith - "Stay With Me"

What do you think Sam Smith's second album sounds like? Is he just sad forever, or is there a team of genius Swedes working on a Sam Smith club banger for 2016? Either way, I'm interested.

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  1. I hated Ariana Grande until 3 seconds ago when you mentioned her wiki page's dog adoption references. Her music will sound totally different to me now!