Friday, December 22, 2017

Guest List Week: Megan's Best of 2017

#5: Megan Swidler
#6: Erik Kristjanson (Coming Monday)
#7: Curt Trnka (Coming Tuesday)
#8: Gina Uriarte (Coming Wednesday)
#9: Marisa Plaice (Coming Thursday)

I have zero time to provide a thoughtful intro to my list this year. I'll only say that while 2017 was a horrible year for mankind thanks to the talking Cheeto living in the White House, it was a wonderful year for me personally. Thankfully there were some pretty great songs that provided me a soundtrack! I didn't rank them or have a number one favorite, probably because I'm probably finishing this list as I'm walking out the door to get married. Enjoy!

Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett - "Over Everything"

These two were destined to meet and make that album with those particular songs. This was by far the best track, love love love.

Joe Goddard - "Home"

Hot Chip is, like, not a thing these days because LCD selfishly stole Al Doyle away. Thankfully Joe Goddard came to the rescue with a solo album, this song is fun and happy and gorgeous and everything I love about dance music.

Kevin Morby - "City Music"

KM was one of the best shows I saw this year thanks to his very talented lead guitarist Meg Duffy. In "City Music" the two guitars sound like only one guitar which is hard for me to wrap my head around. When you hear these riffs you will understand what I'm talking about.

King Krule - "Dum Surfer"

This, to me, is what all rap and hip hop should sound like. King Krule is different and interesting and smart and groovy, this was the standout song on The OOZ.

MUNA - "I Know a Place"

I don't think any of my songs are ever on Aaron's top 100 (they're usually are on the Outtakes lists if anything lol) so imagine my surprise when one of my most played songs ended up being his NUMBER ONE song! I squealed! But yeah, this one gave me all the feels.

Father John Misty - "Pure Comedy" --> "Total Entertainment Forever"

These are technically two songs but they are 1 and 2 on the track list and I've never listened to one without the other. I was not a FJM believer until I saw him live in Minneapolis on a whim and the show literally changed my life. He was mesmerizing in every sense of the word. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him and I cried several times without even knowing why (beer helped I'm sure). There's no one else like him out there right now I'm positive of this.

Wolf Alice - "Don't Delete the Kisses"

This is a recent discovery of mine even though I know they are not a new thing. This song is the T'Pau - "Heart and Soul" of the 21st century. It is SO GOOD in that singy-talky sense. Obsessed. 

War On Drugs - "Strangest Thing"

If you know me you know how every band is my "favorite band" but honestly WOD are beyond comparison, next level type shit. Their new album sounds like an extension of their last album which is TOTALLY FINE because it is brilliant. This was my favorite song on A Deeper Understanding which was stocked with great ones.

Arcade Fire - "Everything Now"

Say what you will about them or the album but these guys are still the real deal and mean every word they say/note they play. This is a perfect song. I also consider myself a personal friend of the band after seeing them 3 times in 3 months thank you very much.

Alt-J - "Adeline"

You either love them or hate them but I love them and "Adeline" is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard in years. Total downer of a song but, again, hauntingly beautiful. Did I mention this track is fucking beautiful?

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