Monday, December 31, 2018

GLW 011: Desa Warner


GLW 012: Chris Klotzbach (coming tomorrow)
GLW 013: Carl Anderson (coming Wednesday)

Once again, I teamed up with my girls Katie and Kellen to create this year’s list. Last year, the collaboration was out necessity because I had lost my cool in the fog of new-mom life. This year, I found my own way with music but some things are still better with friends. Most things are better with friends. So, here you go: 30 top songs from three girls in Sacramento, in order of what sounds good, not by preference. To get the full Desa Guest List experience, I recommend listening in the kitchen while washing dishes left over from the past two days during that sweet one-hour of peace between the time the kiddo falls asleep and you have to go to bed in order to wake up on time for work tomorrow.

Special Notes:

1. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth – "Genius" 

This song sits as number one purely for the impact of our playlist starting with the words, “You think I’m stupid. You think I’m bat shit crazy.” 

2. The Struts, Kesha – "Body Talks"

Good thing I have my friends to keep me in check - I passed over this song the first time I listened to it, but it was recommended for the Guest List by both of them and is really an excellent choice. 

4. Mark Ronson, Miley Cyrus – "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart"

There are some songs that I know I will love after the first eight-count. This is one. I played it six times in a row when I first heard it. 

6. Dermot Kennedy – "An Evening I will Not Forget"

This song comes with a dance.

7. Wild Child – "Follow Me"

Take a walk with me: back when Aaron started soliciting Guest Lists, I would post mine and others on Facebook. My cousin, Mario, listened, (teased me about my Demi Lovato selection) then followed Aaron's blog. He then went to a concert in SF where he saw Aaron, recognized him from the blog, knew Aaron was my friend, and introduced himself. That night, I got a photo of Aaron, Ilana, and Mario texted to me while I'm at a Wild Child concert - a band I had just heard about from Katie. Mario asked where I was, checked out the band later, and liked them. This year, hear a Wild Child song, love it, share it with Katie, put it on my Guest List for Aaron's blog, and maybe Mario will listen to it. There is probably a hidden truth about music and friends in this story. This is my most-played song of the year. 

9. Selena Gomez – "Back to You"

Because no Guest List of mine is complete without Selena. 

12. Logic – "Everyday" 

Anthem! I DO work hard every mother f*ing day. 

18. Robyn – "Missing U"

No, Robyn, we missed YOU! 

25. Kacey Musgraves – "Space Cowboy"

I am always surprised which songs overlap with Aaron's list. I think this is our first common country jam. 

30. Carly Rae Jepsen – "Party for One"

I'll dance with you Carly.

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