Wednesday, December 21, 2022

GL.22.03: Dionicio Solano


[Editor's Note (1/2): Since Dio ranks albums, I put together a quick playlist with the most popular song on each album so you can get a quick taste.]

GL.22.04: Tony Schoenberg

GL.22.05: Curt Trnka

GL.22.06: Scott Lawson

GL.22.07: Remko Van Knippenberg

GL.22.08: Megan Swidler

GL.22.09: Jem Stirling

GL.22.10: Russell Abdo

GL.22.11: Erik Kristjanson
GL.22.12: Marisa Plaice
GL.22.13: Lukas Brooks


As you all know, my lists are based on albums, not songs.


I got 32 albums this year. That's almost three a month! And I'm trying something new this year. It's levels, album levels!



Just hear me out. It's a good idea! There are three basic levels, gold, silver, and bronze. But there's also platinum! Obviously gold means it's a great album, silver is really good and bronze is just good. Platinum means they knocked it out of the park. So, without any more ado... 


💎Platinum 💎 


Suede - Autofiction


Things that did not change in 2023: Suede is still the best band on the planet.

Things that did change in 2023: Critics noticed.

Suede makes another classic album. Wow. Shocker, right? 

So, great as usual, they incorporated a little bit of a post-punk sound in some tracks. It's got the riffs, it's got the best voice on the planet, it's got the weird lyrics and it's got the melodies. Aw, man, the melodies!


Ryan Adams - Romeo & Juliet


[Editor's Note (2/2): Hoo boy. Buddy, you are on your own here. Still, it's your list ...]

So, apparently people got over the fact that some musicians are not the best boyfriend material and that, lo and behold, they can also be bad husbands. Weird! I thought every musician was a great person that never did anything illegal or beat any women like Bowie, Lennon, Jimmy Page, and other exemplary citizens. No, seriously, looks like the silly "cancellation" of Ryan because of a slightly partial NYT article (LOL) that was based on the word of a bunch of innocent ladies he dragged out of a church and who are not at all gold diggers or absolute careerists has started to fade. The FBI cleared him and all. He released five (!!!!!!!) albums in 2022. Romeo and Juliet is the best one. "Rollercoaster" and "Doylestown Girl" are worth the price of admission alone.


Ryan Adams - Chris


A double album because why not. Absolute gold (I mean, platinum) most of it.



Fred Again.. - Actual Life (2022)


This makes my heart dance.


Beach House - Once Twice Melody


This makes my heart explode.


Alvvays - Blue Rev


Shorter songs, not as good as the first two but still pretty solid.


Arctic Monkeys - The Car


Not quite Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino, but almost there.


Band of Horses - Things Are Great


The "things" referenced in the title are the songs on the album.


Editors - EBM


Taking the electric sound a little too far, but still awesome. I mean, it's Editors.


Interpol - The Other Side of Make Believe


Still going strong.


Ryan Adams - Devolver


Third best album he put out this year.


Ryan Adams - FM


Fourth best album he put out this year.




The 1975 - Being Funny In A Foreign Language

Arcade Fire - WE

Bloc Party - Alpha Games

British Sea Power - Everything Was Forever

Fontaines D.C. - Skinty Fia

Nilufer Yanya - Painless

Phoenix - Alpha Zulu

Good Looks - Bummer Year

Spoon - Lucifer on the Sofa


🥉Bronze (Seriously, Guys, Try Harder)🥉


Won't even list the name of the album, they really need to make a bigger effort.


Belle & Sebastian


Junior Boys


Liam Gallagher






Thank you very much for reading!

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