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GL.23.14: Dillon North


100 SONGS: Aaron Bergstrom

GL.23.01: Ilana Bergstrom

GL.23.02: Curt Trnka

GL.23.03: Marisa Plaice

GL.23.04: Isabel Vermaak

GL.23.05: Raffa Pantaleo

GL.23.06: Erik Kristjanson

GL.23.07: Lukas Brooks

GL.23.08: Jem Stirling

GL.23.09: Max Einstein

GL.23.10: Tony Schoenberg

GL.23.11: Gina Uriarte

GL.23.12: Ryan Joyce

GL.23.13: Desa Warner


GL.23.15: Ryan Joyce (DJ Set)

GL.23.16: Carl Anderson


I think growing older involves a lot of realising that your parents were right and you should have listened to them sooner. One expression my Mom always said to me is, “People come into your life for reasons, seasons, and lifetimes.” I always disagreed with her and thought I could carry friends with me regardless of where I went, what I was doing or who I became. But I hate to say it, she was right. You grow in a different direction, you move to a different country, you adapt to your situation and the burden of maintaining those connections is no longer worth the effort, especially when others have grown in different directions as well.

I hated this. I hated that you couldn't keep these instrumental people with you for your entire journey because, in the moment, you can’t ever imagine your life without them. But this year, I’ve grown to accept this, treasure the moments, and remember the good times.

Music for me is a time capsule, an opportunity to remember those good moments with a smile. When that song comes on and you are instantly transported back to an exact spot on a dance floor screaming at the top of your lungs, on the road windows down with the air rushing through your hair, watching a rooftop sunset that lit up the sky. It's a snapshot, a window to those moments that contributed to the person you are now and the direction you're going.

So for that I want to say thank you to Aaron for making this little time capsule for all of us, because even looking back on my playlist from last year now, the significance of some of those songs has changed dramatically and it’s pretty magical. 

This year was the first year I’ve spent speaking Spanish (or Portuguese) everyday and it reflected in this year’s song output. 


Karol G - “Mientras Me Curo Del Cora”

It’s giving “Three Little Birds.” Also probably the least Karol G song of her new album this year but just the right song to start your morning, have that rooftop cocktail, or try to convince yourself the world isn’t actively falling apart around you.

Jessie Ware - “Pearls”

I started making pearl necklaces for all of my friends' birthdays, which only added to my obsession with this song. I have had a few pearl necklaces break at clubs due to uh, let's say a little rough handling, only to explode all over the club floor with this song playing in my head as it was happening.

Sebastian Yatra - “Una Noche Sin Pensar”

Was this my most listened to song for the year? Yes? Did I expect that? Absolutely not. What can I say? I’m fully assimilated to Spain now. 

Anitta, Kiaz - “Te Amo”

While I listened to a lot of Brazilian music this year I kept coming back to this beautiful duet. It’s not what you normally expect from Anitta but from the first little reference to Navi from Zelda I was hooked. For those that don’t speak Portuguese, it’s a super corny love song and would 100% make your eyes roll if it was in English but the beauty of it is you won’t know that unless I told you. 

boygenius - “Not Strong Enough”

Oh, I love this song.” The first thought that passed through my head every time it came on. And judging from everyone else's lists, it was a common thought this year. 

Chris Lake - “In the Yuma” (feat. Aatig) 

This came out late 2022 but I always feel like late November and December songs should be included in the next year anyway. One of my go-to dance tracks for the year. 

Rosalía - “LLYM”

Is this her best work? No. Do I still love it? Yes. Let's hope for a better full album next year.

Troye Sivan - “Got Me Started”

A big album for our gay (non-power bottom) friend Troye Sivan. I think he slayed with this album and the popper music video was absolutely iconic. 

Karmento - “Quiero y Duelo”

Runner up for Spain’s entry into Eurovision this year and I think it should have been the entry. Following in Rosalía’s footsteps of brightening up old school Spanish music with modern sounds.

Chappell Roan - “Red Wine Supernova”

1. Told you 

2. In a shocking turn of events I didn’t love the album. I know, I feel like I’m betraying an old friend by saying this but at times it was a little too high school for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am still the original Chappell stan but hope for a little less homecoming in the next album

Jimmy Buffet  - “Bubbles Up”

If I had to pick one artist that would be the backing track of the childhood segment of my biographical movie, it would have to be Jimmy Buffet. My father is a full-on Parrothead and I probably know the lyrics to the vast majority of Buffet’s musical catalogue.

For those who don’t know, Jimmy Buffett passed away in October this year from skin cancer (wear your sunscreen). He released a full pre-recorded album after his death and I think this song is beautiful, even more so if you’re a scuba diver. So have another margarita for Jimmy. Bubbles up. 

Tom Rasmussen  - “Look At Me” 

Well, if a song was ever written for me this was probably it, easily making it my song of the year. I think this song embodies the energy of being yourself for you, and fuck other peoples’ opinion of you. Look all you want, I’m being myself and if you have a problem with it, hunny, this wasn’t for you in the first place anyway.

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