Wednesday, January 3, 2024

GL.23.13: Desa Warner


100 SONGS: Aaron Bergstrom

GL.23.01: Ilana Bergstrom

GL.23.02: Curt Trnka

GL.23.03: Marisa Plaice

GL.23.04: Isabel Vermaak

GL.23.05: Raffa Pantaleo

GL.23.06: Erik Kristjanson

GL.23.07: Lukas Brooks

GL.23.08: Jem Stirling

GL.23.09: Max Einstein

GL.23.10: Tony Schoenberg

GL.23.11: Gina Uriarte

GL.23.12: Ryan Joyce


GL.23.14: Dillon North

GL.23.15: Ryan Joyce (DJ Set)

GL.23.16: Carl Anderson


My defining music memory this year is blasting “Dancing in the Courthouse” in the car after winning a hard-fought four-week trial. Lawyer hip hop is a pretty niche genre, so I have to give credit to Dominic Fike for the perfect soundtrack for that moment. Special thanks to “Dial Drunk,” “Heartbroken,” and “You Got This,” which I played on repeat on the way to court each morning of the trial to ease my nerves with some top of my lungs commute singing.

Other memorable musical moments:

  • “BSC” at the Maisie concert at Ace of Spades with my girl Kellen;

  • “Dance The Night” and “Speed Drive” when my daughters insisted we play the Barbie soundtrack on repeat for at least a month straight;

  • Arden in her little three-year-old voice yelling at Alexa to play “That’s Not How This Works,” then asking me every time what the song was about;

  • Joking with Katie and Kel that “love is embarrassing” would have been Kellen’s high school anthem had it been around 20+ years ago;

  • Cleaning my house to the sadness and hope of Kelsea Ballerini’s Rolling Up the Welcome Mat album;

  • ALL the Taylor Swift dance parties.

I never really know what to say about the songs in my guest list each year, but I have no less appreciation for the songs that define my days as each year passes. Here’s to another year of music.

And thanks again Katie and Kellen for compiling this list with me! I fall in love with our list every year.

Dominic Fike - “Dancing in the Courthouse”

Jesse Murph feat. Maren Morris - “Texas”

Zach Bryan - “Tourniquet”

Noah Kahan feat. Post Malone - “Dial Drunk”

Renee Rapp - “Pretty Girls”

The Beaches - “Blame Brett”

Olivia Rodrigo - “love is embarrassing”

Matt Maeson - “Get Happy”

RAYE, 070 Shake - “Escapism”

Kesha - “Fine Line”

Zach Bryan feat. Maggie Rogers - “Dawns”

Gracie Abrams - “Full machine”

Kelly Clarkson - “mine”

Charlie Puth feat. Dan + Shay and Sabrina Carpenter - “That’s Not How This Works”

Kelsea Ballerini - “How Do I Do This”

Taylor Swift - “Is It Over Now?”

Maisie Peters - “BSC”

Knox - “Not The 1975”

Paul Russell - “Lil Boo Thang”

Olivia Rodrigo - “bad idea right?”

Charli XCX - “Speed Drive”

Chappell Roan - “Red Wine Supernova”

Post Malone - “Mourning”

Griff - “Vertigo”

Miley Cyrus - “Used To Be Young”

Diplo feat. Jessie Murph and Polo G - “Heartbroken”

Blake Rose - “Don’t Stop the Car”

The Revivalists - “Kid”

Jenna Raine - “Crickets”

Wild Rivers - “Thinking ‘Bout Love”

Taylor Swift - “Now That We Don’t Talk”

Selena Gomez - “Single Soon”

Tate McRae - “exes”

Dua Lipa - “Dance The Night”

Todrick Hall - “You Got This”

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