Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Guest List Week: Curt's Best of 2017

#7: Curt Trnka
#8: Gina Uriarte (Coming Thursday)
#9: Marisa Plaice (Coming Friday)

Still A Great Night  — "Still A Great Night"

Story telling and high-pitched male singer. Know your audience. In this case, the audience is Aaron Bergstrom. (And you if you're reading this.)

Stevie Wolf — "Who"

Starts slow but funks along to a catching chorus that makes me want to keep it on repeat. 

Penguin Prison — "Turn It Up"

Since switching to a standing desk, very few songs make me dance at work. This one does. 

Baba Ali — "I've Been Voodoo'd"

When a song makes you think about clapping along, you know it's good.

Will Joseph Cook — "If You Want To Make Money"

Humming along to the chorus I find myself thinking, "Who doesn't want to make money?" 

Bewilderbeast — "Don't Hide Your Love"

If LCD Soundsystem could have a baby with the '80s, the resulting offspring would be this song. 

Young & Sick — "Ojai"

For such a slow song, this really gets me going. "Damn you, time!"

Jared & The Mill — "Lost, Scared & Tired"

The most country song on my list, but it feels so approachable to me. Like it doesn't really have a genre. 

1ST VOWS — "Body Talk"

When he brings in the falsetto... Daaaaaamn. 

Said The Whale — "Nothing Makes Me Happy" (ft. WILLA)

Lyrics like these should make me sad. Notes like these stop that from happening. 

Sigrid — "Don't Kill My Vibe"

Without a doubt, my second-favorite song from 2017 by a female singer. (Skela's "Church on Fire" isn't on Spotify.)

Sir Rosevelt — "Sunday Finest"

This was almost the walk-in song for our wedding ... Buuuut we forgot the laptop in the truck.

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