Tuesday, December 29, 2020

GLW.20.15: Desa Warner


The word "busy" passes my lips too frequently these days. I find myself without enough time either for work or family. With the baby waking up every hour and a half, I definitely do not have enough time for sleep. And with shelter-in-place orders eliminating fun events that tend to punctuate a year, time has slipped fluidly by in 2020. So it is with gratitude to Aaron's annual guest list invitation that I stop now to reflect.


As in the past few years, my list is a collaboration with my two besties Katie and Kellen. For us, these songs are 2020. They mirror our ups and downs - our attempt to navigate through an unprecedented situation. These songs are for:


  • when you need something to remind you to breathe (“Juliana Calm Down”);

  • when all you can do is watch and wait (“Better Now”);

  • when you let the dark side in, just for a moment, to cry or scream (“Young & Sad”);

  • when your daughter bikes through your house while you are on a work Zoom call (“Come As You Are”);

  • when you just say fuck it (“Ice in my Rose”);

  • when you just. can't. anymore. with the news and dance to disco revival in your living room instead of being socially informed (“Break My Heart”);

  • when you do whatever small thing you can to help (“Better Than We Found It”);

  • when you choose to laugh (“'Roni Got me Stressed Out”);

  • when you find pure happiness in your family (“Ablaze”; “Letting You Go”; “Joy of My Life”); and

  • when you see 2021 on the horizon and keep moving (“Higher”; “Superbloom”).


Thank you 2020 for the music we held on to.

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