Sunday, December 25, 2022

GL.22.07: Remko Van Knippenberg



GL.22.08: Megan Swidler

GL.22.09: Jem Stirling

GL.22.10: Russell Abdo

GL.22.11: Erik Kristjanson

GL.22.12: Marisa Plaice
GL.22.13: Lukas Brooks
GL.22.14: Quan Nguyen
GL.22.15: Max Einstein


My songs of 2022 in order of appearance. 

Future Events 2023

Wed. February 15

Artist: Tove Styrke

Venue: Melkweg Upstairs

Song: “YouYouYou”

The song is about not being able to let go of that former lover even though you are supposedly moved on. 

Sat. February 25

Artist: Raye

Venue: Melkweg The Max

Song: “Black Mascara”

Dance to the depressing story of a girl who has been mistreated by her lover and now tries to escape the hurt she’s feeling, but can’t.

Sat. March 4

Artist: Alex Vargas

Venue: Paradiso Tolhuistuin

Song: “Pages”

Another song about a relationship that has ended. It's time to close the book. 

Tue. March 21

Artist: Channel Tres

Venue: Paradiso 

Song: “6AM” & “Hollaback Bitch” (with Mura Masa &  Shygirl)

Channel Tres likes to mix it up. From groovy house to rap and everything in between. His live shows are supposed to be 110% energy. 

Tue. March 21

Artist: SG Lewis

Venue: Melkweg The Max

Song: “Call On Me” (feat. Tove Lo)

This song was inspired by one of my favorite songs of all time “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” by Dead or Alive. And Tove Lo's voice is always nice to listen to.

Tue May 9

Artist: Sam Smith

Venue: Ziggo Dome

Song: “Unholy” (Disclosure Remix with Kim Petras) 

Who would have guessed that a song about a man who‘s cheating on his wife with a prostitute would become such a hit. I especially love the Disclosure remix. I’m curious how Sam is gonna perform this song live in May. 

Wed. May 18

Artist: Zak Abel

Venue: Paradiso

Song: “Be Kind”

This song is nothing but positivity. 

T.B.A. For 2023 (Hopefully)

Artist: Rosse

Song: “Main Character”

This song is just 2:00 long but it oozes attitude. Attitude with an electronic beat. 

Artist: Pablo Nouvelle

Song: “Lovesongs & Sextapes”

Swiss producer Pablo Nouvelle released his album Vulnerability in October and I love every song of it. It’s a diverse album covering different aspects of life.

Artist: Nomi Ruiz

Song: “Pussy Power” (with &ME, Rampa, Adam Port)

Nomi Ruiz was the lead vocalist of Jessica 6. The group split up a while ago, but Nomi still releases music on her own and as guest vocalist for others. The message here is pretty clear. P.S. Listen to “White Horse” from Jessica 6 sometimes. 

Artist: Gabriel Rios

Song: “Flore” (AZUL Rework)

I love this reworked version of “Flore” from Gabriel Rios. I think if this song would have participated in Eurovision it could have won. Awkward songs like this usually perform well.

Artist: Hayden James

Song: “On Your Own” (feat. Elderbrook, Cassian)

No end-year list without Elderbrook or Hayden James. They always deliver. I love their sound. 

Artist: Florence + The Machine

Song: “Free”

Florence + The Machine needs no introduction. I think this is one of her best songs ever. The video is amazing with Bill Nighy playing her anxiety. Now put your stereo on full volume, put your own Bill Nighy out of the room and DANCE FREELY. 

Artist: Kah-Lo

Song: “If The People Ain’t Dancing” (with Billen Ted)

Kah-Lo always gets the party going. We all need to dance more.

Artist: Tove Lo

Song: “No One Dies From Love”

Maybe it’s me, maybe I have a weird taste in music, but I sincerely don’t understand why this song didn’t become a hit. It only charted in Norway, Sweden and New Zealand. It’s a great pop song.  

Artist: Robyn

Song: “All My Love” (with Louie Vega)

Robyn can do no wrong!

Artist: Jessie Ware

Song: “Free Yourself”

This should have been the Pride song for 2022. If only she released it 6 weeks earlier. Do yourself a favor and live your life with no excuses and free yourself

Artist: Herizen

Song: “Not Myself”

A vulnerable song from singer/actor Herizen Guardiola. 

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