Wednesday, December 25, 2019

GLW 009: Desa / Katie / Kellen


GLW 010: Gina Uriarte
GLW 011: Lukas Brooks
GLW 012: Chris Macdonald
GLW 013: Tom Morgan
GLW 014: Shay Corbett


Desa, Katie, and Kellen’s 2019 Guest List

2019 was the Year of the Ladies.  Our biggest problem with creating the list was how to narrow down our song selections from female artists Lizzo, Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris, Maggie Rogers, The Highwomen, and Taylor Swift into just one or two songs each.  Although they did not ultimately make the cut, we give honorable mentions to "Tempo" (Lizzo), "Bluebird," "Dark Bars," and "Track Record" (Lambert), "All My Favorite People," "The Bones" and "The Feels" (Morris), "Alaska" and "Love You for a Long Time" (Rogers), and "I Forgot that You Existed" and "Cornelia Street" (Swift).  Despite the ones left behind, we hope our list reflects the resiliency of 2019, the blossoming hope of a new decade, and a celebration of the women in our lives that get us through the year with a tight hug, a much-needed glass of wine, or the perfect song.

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