Friday, December 23, 2022

GL.22.05: Curt Trnka



GL.22.06: Scott Lawson

GL.22.07: Remko Van Knippenberg

GL.22.08: Megan Swidler

GL.22.09: Jem Stirling

GL.22.10: Russell Abdo

GL.22.11: Erik Kristjanson
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GL.22.13: Lukas Brooks
GL.22.14: Quan Nguyen
GL.22.15: Max Einstein


Ten(ish) Songs I Found In '22


The Knocks - “Slow Song”


You want a song of the year? I offer up an album. The Knocks make good music, and their latest had a few to pick from. I'm going with "Slow Song," but you can't go wrong with this album. 


Lucius - “Next to Normal”


This song reminds me of Scissor Sisters. I miss Scissor Sisters. So, go ahead and enjoy this fun song with me. 


Elderbrook - “Inner Light”


I hate music videos. I love this music video. Also, this song. 


Patrick Droney - “Glitter”


Get your tissues ready. Tears are in the forecast. 


Jack Garrett - “Time”


I can't tell if this is a sad or optimistic song. I love that about it. And the way it builds to the ending is amazing. 


Arkellis - “One Thing I Know”


File this under infectious fun. Then dance along. 


Roosevelt - “Passion”


I'm a sucker for funk. And sax. 


Panama Wedding - “Younger Love”


Boppy pop? Sign. Me. Up. 


St. Lucia - “Separate World”


I saw the name of this song and thought of something I say to my wife all the time. Basically, when it comes to celebs and rich people ... We're all on the same planet, but we live in different worlds. (That has nothing to do with the song. Enjoy!) 


Big Gigantic and Aloe Blacc - “Keep On Rising”


Banger? Totally danceable? Earworm? This song checks all the boxes. 


Strangers You Know - “Used”


This song just found me this year. I didn't like it. Then I heard it again and loved it. Now you're hearing it. Enjoy? 


Ra Ra Riot - “Bad To Worse”


I loved this group, so it was bittersweet to learn they had new-to-me music but that they were done making music. Win-lose?


Cannons - “Hurricane”


Female vocals. Good beats. Catchy. I can see why this was recommended to me. Now, I recommend it to you. 


Bob Moses - “Love Brand New”


I can't stress enough how nice it is to put on a Bob Moses album and just write. They are a go-to option for getting stuff done. 


Thanks for reading and listening! 

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