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19 Ways To End 2019

1: Better // Khalid

The high I get from this song feels just as good every goddam time I listen to it. I can’t be sure of every lyric but it doesn’t matter. The energy is there and we all need that.

2: The Most // Miley Cyrus

Oh so fucking good. Why didn’t this album get picked up in a bigger way?  Her voice turns me on and I don’t know why.

3: Higher Love // Whitney ft. Kygo

Upbeat classic from our Lady Whitney packaged in pop dance perfection. This brings me back to far-from-sober cruises up the Amstel (with Ken adding to our drinks) and the seemingly endless summer evenings.

4: Easy Loving You // SG Lewis

Again it says a lot about my year. Forgive and forget. I'm pulled apart, yeah, you're broken, too But it was fucked from the start, our love says it all really - I should have learned my lesson.

5: Mother’s Daughter // Miley Cyrus

She’s a freak and I love it. The gravel tones that remind of KD Lang have a certain special place having seen Miley use that same deep tenor to try and woo Ariana in her bunny costume. Swish swish, motherfucker.

6: hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but I have it // Lana Del Rey

Beyond being a sad song lamenting the role of women in society (I think), there are so many layers that I find something new each time. But it should come with a warning not to listen to this song in the proximity of sharp objects.

7: CARONTE // Apparat

I still mourn the passing of Moderat, and will forever regret not going to their farewell tour. 

I gain and lose without belief
I search and see, search and see 

With sounds the bridge the rift between realities in those moments when we want to get lost in our thoughts.

8: Lover // Taylor Swift

This casual cozy romance gives me that warm and fuzzy, that there’s a someone for everyone.

9: How Do You Sleep? // Sam Smith

Butch Queen Realness. The song of the summer and I’ll always associate it with Mr Joyce vogueing in my flat after a day on the canals. Werk it.

10: thank u, next // Ariana Grande

Ten because it’s a perfect ten. Live and learn from your mistakes (seeing the theme here?). Next!

11:Juice // Lizzo

We all need a bit of self love and Lizzo has it in spades. She makes us all feel like fucking heroes. Who dat? It me. Looking fly as fuck and struttin' my stuff. Despite missing the mini gig this spring, I have fond memories of that day and she totally lived up to the hype. Lizzo, I’m a fan.

12: To the Moon // Issac Waddington

I’m still not sure how I stumbled upon Issac but he’s joined my stable of clear winds for easy weekend listening and smooth singer-songwriters.

13: into you // Ariana Grande

Cheating a bit here but it’s in my top of the decade and hard to exclude. It captures the volatility of how fucked we can be when we go headlong, with the song picking up and slowing down as we go from wow, to woah now. I need to work on the latter.

14: Don’t Start Now // Dua Lipa

More queer pop perfection. Can’t wait to see her live later this year. I’m trying to not be a basic bitch with just gay pop in list but I couldn’t not include Dua.

15: lovely (with Khalid) // Billie Eilish

Speaking of basic bitches, Billie is far from one. Not sure when I stopped to really appreciate her as a character, but I’m impressed. This song is next level, with the dual vocals and notes that hit high and lyrics that cut deep. ‘Heart made of glass, my mind of stone. Tear me to pieces, skin to bone’

16: Can’t Stop Your Lovin’ // Poolside, Panama

So slick and smooth like the perilous edge of a pool. It’s part of an evening playlist that more than a few have asked in the glo if I’d share the list. Why not?

17: Maybe 25 // Minke

Swipe left or a right
Workin' to the bone
I could be free tonight
Are you alone?

Fucking story of my life. Back to this online dating nonsense. At least I have Max.

18: Hey, Ma // Bon Iver

Finally. A new album and a European tour. The last one got cancelled. In 2020 I will finally see Bon Iver - I hope he delivers. That aside, I can still spend an entire weekend with his albums on repeat and feel completely relaxed.

19: Fine Line // Harry Styles

The last track of the last major album of 2019. This hit me like a wall. I opened the year and this playlist with Better and in a very diffident place. The former lifted me so high, and this, it brings me crashing down. Despite this, It is so hauntingly beautiful and I love it for this.

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