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GLW 011: Lukas Brooks


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GLW 013: Tom Morgan
GLW 014: Shay Corbett
GLW 015: Ryan Joyce
GLW 016: Drew Ginther
GLW 017: Mike Brand


1. Lauv, Troye Sivan - “I’m so tired…” 

I’m opening this playlist with “I’m so tired…” because without listening to the lyrics, it pretty perfectly describes how I feel most of the time. Also this song sounds like night-time driving around my hometown in the summer with the windows down. 

2. Tayla Parx - “I Want You”

Tayla Parx is the girl who, at 24, wrote tons of this year’s biggest hits including “High Hopes” and half of Ariana’s Thank U Next (including the title track). But she also has an amazing silky smooth voice and a solo album which I have listened to repeatedly this year. She’s coming to Amsterdam in March (I think), so if you like this song, check out her other stuff and come with me to her show!

3. Lolo Zouaï - “Moi”

Lolo Zouaï’s album High Highs to Low Lows has been on repeat for months, and “Moi” was one of the stand-out tracks for me. It hit me from the first beat drop and keeps me feeling so cultured with its bilingual lyrics. 

4. AURORA - “The River”

Gotta love Scandinavian pop music; quirky and dancy in all the best ways. AURORA says the song is meant to encourage men to feel their emotions. Something to think about while you listen to this song. 

5. Sam Smith - “How Do You Sleep?”

An obvious choice for this list, and if you need any more reason please go watch the music video. Sam Smith embraces his image (finally) as a queer artist and I’m here for it. 

6. Doja Cat - “Say So”

I’ve really been pushing Doja Cat on people this year because she is definitely an artist to watch. She’s writing loads of great music but doesn’t take herself too seriously; if you need an example of that go watch her viral music video for “Mooo!”.

7. Cheat Codes feat. Daniel Blume - “Who’s Got Your Love”

Unfortunately, the Chainsmokers hit formula will always work on me. Sometimes you need a basic-ass pop song to get you going, and this was one of them for me this year (but as you’ll see, not the only one). No shame. 

8. Tove Lo feat. Kylie Minogue - “Really don’t like u”

Stunned this wasn’t a bigger hit. I was surprised to like Tove Lo’s album as much as I did, and this, to me, was the stand-out track. And come on, Kylie’s on it!

9. HAIM - “Now I’m In It”

Another obvious choice, HAIM’s hit has been on repeat for me since it came out. And I don’t expect that to change in 2020. 

10. Aly & AJ - “Church”

Aly & AJ have come a long way since their Disney Channel careers and their style has changed completely (for the better). One of the biggest surprises from any artist this year and a song I’ve listened to over and over. 

11. Kacey Musgraves (Brooks & Dunn cover) - “Neon Moon”

To be honest, I had never heard the original version of “Neon Moon,” but I was hungry for new Kacey Musgraves this year, and when this song was released I became obsessed. Somehow, it’s one of my go-to gym songs. Not very appropriate, but sometimes you find inspiration in strange places. 

12. Allie X - “Girl of the Year”

Ok, technically this song came out in 2018, but it’s been an absolute fav of mine this year, and I don’t think it was a huge hit so I’m allowing it on my list. LOVE IT!!

13. Lizzo - “Soulmate”

Hands down my favourite song from the queen of self-love, this track stood out to me from the moment her album was released and hearing it live a few months ago was so special. 

14. Carly Rae Jepsen - “Feels Right”

Of course I had to include some CRJ in the list. So hard to pick just one, but I decided to pick “Feels Right” over the rest for its Jackson 5 vibes.

15. Katy Perry - “Never Really Over”

Katy Perry is pretty much my least favourite artist out there, but this was without contest THE song of the summer, so my hands were tied. Listen, someone had to do it. Skip it if you like (but you won’t). 

16. NOTD feat. HRVY - “I Miss Myself”

This song is pretty basic, but the formula works just works on me. What can I say, I have the music taste of a 13 year old girl. 

17. Charli XCX feat. Christine and the Queens - “Gone”

It seems like every few weeks Charli released some new track with another artist I love; Troye Sivan, Lizzo, Kim, HAIM…. I had to choose one, and “Gone” HAS to be my fav (though the “Blame it on Your Love” gets an honourable mention). And another great concert this year. 

18. Alec Benjamin - “Let Me Down Slowly”

Alec’s vocals have a boyish quality that I find endearing. It’s kind of a sad song, but I’ve really connected with it. All music can’t be happy and dancy. 

19. Daya - “Insomnia”

My original interpretation of the lyrics of this song was better; “flipping the pill, pulling the curtains” I took to mean masturbating because you couldn’t sleep and I could relate. Apparently she says ‘pillow’ though and that’s the song isn’t about masturbation. DISAPPOINTED.

20. Tones and I - “Jimmy”

Lots of great songs from Tones and I, but this one showcases her vocals better than her other tracks and I live. 

21. eli. - “gift”

I’m honestly a sucker for falsetto, but this song also delivers on many other levels; a horn section, jazz drums and cute lyrics. I spent a lot of time loving this song this year. 

22. Young & Sick - “It’s a Storm”

I love the tribal-y chants and drum beats in this song and the way things come together near the end; really gets me dancing. 

23. BLACKPINK - “Don’t Know What To Do”

2019 is the year I allowed myself to get swept up in the KPOP wave, and BLACKPINK quickly became my favourite; for many reasons, but also because there’s a manageable number of members in the group (4 instead of like 10). There are videos out there of me drunkenly attempting the choreo from their songs. If you happen upon one, please keep it to yourself.

24. MUNA - “Number One Fan”

2019 has been a year with songs celebrating self-love, and this was one of my favs of the category. “Number One Fan” is a song about doing whatever makes you happy, looking yourself in the mirror and celebrating yourself.

25. Highly Suspect - “16”

Classic country music storyline that was apparently based on the singer’s real life experiences (and I oop!). Made for a great song though. 


Nothing makes me feel more cunty than some KETA! No idea what the lyrics mean, but I can still lip-sync the house down boots to this song.

27. ROSALÍA - “A Palé”

Rosalía absolutely belongs on this list, and it could have been any one of her songs. But I reacted really strongly to  “A Palé” when it came out, and I like to think this is more the direction she will take in the future. Love the dark feeling. Again, no idea what she’s saying though. 

28. Sabrina Claudio - “Frozen”

Now this song is a MOOD. Sabrina’s icy voice and lyrics about staying in bed cuddling all day (and year) is a perfect winter song. 

29. KDL feat. Ferras - “777”

I need just one more dance tracks on this list before I can be done, and I really had a lot of fun with this one this year. Sounds like Chris Brown without the domestic violence. 

30. Kim Petras - “If U Think About Me…”

Ok so most of you know I stan Kim HARD, and there were a lot of obvious choices, but this seemed like the ultimate Kim song with all the high notes and Woo-ah’s, and the perfect way to close out this playlist. Happy New Year everyone!

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