Thursday, December 31, 2020

GLW.20.17: Kim Dickson

100 SONGS: Aaron Bergstrom

GLW.20.01: Ilana Bergstrom

GLW.20.02: Curt Trnka

GLW.20.03: Remko Van Knippenberg

GLW.20.04: Jem Woodward

GLW.20.05: Erik Kristjanson

GLW.20.06: Marisa Plaice

GLW.20.07: Russell Abdo

GLW.20.08: Garrett Bukunt

GLW.20.09: Megan Swidler

GLW.20.10: Garrett Tillman

GLW.20.11: Scott Lawson

GLW.20.12: Carl Anderson

GLW.20.13: Ryan Joyce

GLW.20.14: Nick Leddy

GLW.20.15: Desa Warner

GLW.20.16: Tony Schoenberg


GLW.20.18: Lukas Brooks

GLW.20.19: Lucas Posada

GLW.20.20: Ben Evangelista


Welcome to my eclectic schizophrenic 2020 playlist! I haven’t really been paying attention to music this year (and I’m new to this!), but some of the tracks are from 2020 - others are ones that have helped me get through work/life/corona the past 12 months. To honour the journey that 2020 has taken us on (mostly against our will), I’ve curated this short playlist, which hopefully, like a good piece of classical music, will take the willing listener through highs and lows, challenges faced and overcome, and, in the end, we the protagonist of our own story, will take a step back with a breath into our own reality.
I’m not going to talk about each song individually, as I see them more as chapters in the narrative, the details of which will be different for each listener. I will, however, break my rule for song number 1, which is more of an acknowledgement, a head-nod, to a man who is difficult to accurately summarise. I feel like this song manages to pay true homage to that man; a fanfare proudly embodying the spirit of the leader of the year: Mr Democracy himself. I present you with my Album 2020, kicking things off with my Ode to a Man: Trump’s Anthem.

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