Sunday, January 8, 2023

GL.22.22: Tom Morgan


22 of ‘22

Well, it’s been another strange one, folks! Some of our biggest global music superstars have re-ascended to their “post-pandemic” pop pantheon thrones as tours became possible and blockbuster albums like Renaissance and Midnights dominated worldwide attention. While Gaga, Bey and Taylor had monumental years like it was 2013 again, some of my other [former] favorite artists of all time also fell completely out of favor, at best, or just went full fascist. K**** was once my favorite artist and now spends his time creating incel-fuel and fascist talking points while his storied industry-foe has the greatest year of her career. Similarly, Ryan Adams is releasing music that no one cares about while the women he abused reach new heights of artistry and popularity, leaving him without relevancy and in the financial dust. Dr*ke is taking lyrical cheap-shots at Meg regarding the literal ones she suffered and yet she closed out the year fully vindicated through legal cases and leading into a new record deal that will surely propel her even further into super-stardom (her Coachella set on the main stage was NEXT level - I can’t even express it). Misogyny abounds in 2023 and yet the ladies keep winning. We absolutely love to see it.

Other than all of that mess, it was a great year for music. I got to DJ a lot of very fun parties and share my love of music with a lot of you wonderful folks. I saw a lot of incredible live performances that reinvigorated my passion for attending shows. Coachella and Primavera Sound were both major highlights, as was singing along to many of these songs in my basement in Amsterdam with you beautiful people.

As far as criteria here, I wanted to avoid Miss Giselle Knowles Carter from carrying spots 1-16, so I’m limiting the list to one track per album. Hope you enjoy!

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