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GLW.20.20: Ben Evangelista


100 SONGS: Aaron Bergstrom

GLW.20.01: Ilana Bergstrom

GLW.20.02: Curt Trnka

GLW.20.03: Remko Van Knippenberg

GLW.20.04: Jem Woodward

GLW.20.05: Erik Kristjanson

GLW.20.06: Marisa Plaice

GLW.20.07: Russell Abdo

GLW.20.08: Garrett Bukunt

GLW.20.09: Megan Swidler

GLW.20.10: Garrett Tillman

GLW.20.11: Scott Lawson

GLW.20.12: Carl Anderson

GLW.20.13: Ryan Joyce

GLW.20.14: Nick Leddy

GLW.20.15: Desa Warner

GLW.20.16: Tony Schoenberg

GLW.20.17: Kim Dickson

GLW.20.18: Lukas Brooks

GLW.20.19: Lucas Posada


GLW.20.21: Shay Corbett



As some of you may notice, I am one of the later playlists this year ... 

Every single year both Aaron and Ilana have to remind me upwards of 5-6 times to submit my year-end list. It's not that I don't want to do it, it's that looking at my year in review of music gives me such crippling anxiety; I don't know where to start or even finish. I want to pay my respects to every song that served me ... and in a year as emotionally destructive as this one? That ask is nearly impossible (for me!)

I have sat staring at my playlist for a total of twenty-four hours and what I have come to realize, dear reader, is that I am much less sophisticated than I allow myself to believe. (Also, I have been learning edibles, so in reality I got high and stared at a blank screen for a few days!)

I pride myself on having a diverse set of ears attached to my stupid little skull but as soon as the 2.5 THC hit I was able to very neatly and uniformly split my soul (Horcrux vibes!) into four categories ...

Take a look? A gander ... Take a listen if you will ...


This year was the year I categorized myself as a lover of the sad girl genre … above all. Don't get me wrong, I have loved these ladies for years and years and years. This year was the year I really embraced their impact on me. I cried when Phoebe Bridgers flew to Ireland to get d*cked down by Paul Mescal! Happy tears of course. But this year was my reckoning: In my inner mantle, I am a sad girl.

It goes without saying that Phoebe Bridgers is my queen of queens. Punisher is an album that I don't think I was personally ready for and one that shook me to my brittle bones! The Haim sisters, Waxahatchee, Adrianne Lenker all soundtracked various portions of my q-tine.

(Special shoutout to songs, the soundtrack to my time spent in Utah this fall. It is the album I played while peering out of my window at the MAGA flags in the neighborhood where we were staying.)

folklore as an album physically, emotionally, spiritually got me through the summer and fall.

I listened to the Lianne La Havas album 1000000x times.

CHEERS TO THESE LADIES (and the James Blake Billie cover because absolutely duh.)


Phoebe Bridgers - "I Know The End" & "Kyoto” (Copycat Killer Version)

Waxahatchee - "Can't Do Much" & "Lilacs"

Taylor Swift - "dorothea" & "peace"

HAIM - "The Steps"

Hannah Georgas - "Cruel"

Soccer Mommy - "bloodstream"

Fiona Apple - "I Want You To Love Me"

Adrianne Lenker - "dragon eyes"

Bedouine, Waxahatchee, Hurray for the Riff Raff - "Thirteen"

Lianne La Havas - "Weird Fishes"

Lomelda - "Hannah Sun"

Maggie Rogers - "James"

The Chicks - "Texas Man"

Hayley Williams - "Over Yet"

James Blake - "when the party's over"


So in a year that was not devoted to honoring white m*n I do feel like there are a handful of songs and albums that need a giant head nod!

Kevin Morby's quarantine album paired perfectly with Waxahatchee's (thank you Aaron for turning me on to this couple.) The Strokes’ album was an early quarantine vibration for me, sitting in my room staring out my window. The Bleachers x Bruce collab is also something I will never get over, growing up in a Bruce household this was very very special to me!!!


Kevin Morby - "Don't Underestimate Midwest American Sun"

Perfume Genius - "Without You"

Bleachers - "chinatown" (feat. Bruce Springsteen)

Bon Iver - "AUATC" (Jenny Lewis and Bruce Springsteen are also on this track!!!)

Bonny Light Horseman - "Deep in Love"

Rostam - "Unfold You"

The Strokes - "Eternal Summer"


A humongous part of my personality is loving dj-esque, vibration, synthy, nü-disco, indie-electronic- psychedelic disco. Oh and also rap.

I am a sucker for electronic sounds. I guess if we really want to dig into it we can link this back to my freshman year college days, sitting on my friends' bed refreshing Good Music All Day or whatever variation of house music websites existed for college tweens. I loved and still love electronically created music! I have no way of explaining this to my parents and never will? I kind of hope they don't ever find out.

(Fully realizing RTJ + Megan don't necessarily belong in this category but their music instills the same kind of buzzing in my body that Jamie and Tame do so here we are.)


Caribou - "You and I"

DRAMA - "Hold On"

Glass Animals - "Dreamland"

Khruangbin - "Time (You and I)"

Jamie xx - "Idontknow"

Rósín Murphy - "Narcissus"

Run The Jewels - "out of sight" (feat. 2 Chainz)

Megan Thee Stallion - "Captain Hook"

SG Lewis - "Chemicals"

Tame Impala - "Breathe Deeper"

Troye Sivan - "Easy"


Something I have always known about myself is my ability to *absolutely unabashedly stan* our pop divas!!! The spring and summer months were overwhelmingly filled with new pop music, and a large portion of those tracks would have been the soundtrack to me standing in the corner of Hi Tops with my friends doing absolutely nothing but drinking vodka sodas and bopping our cute little heads! We did not get the chance to do that, obviously, so hearing bop after bop after continuous bop was almost painful to me and my girlies.

We made the most of it! My roommates and I took "flights of poppers" to Chromatica. We had virtual listening parties for Charli's album. We argued over if we were "Levitating" gays or "Hallucinate" gays. We all watched the BLACKPINK documentary and jumped on the bandwagon (unless you were an Alex Rafter or Clayton Miller and were already on said wagon.)

What I have had to remind myself over and over is that this music isn't going anywhere and maybe just maybe when we are all vaccinated we can go to a club where they will play these songs and forgo the pots and pans we are usually forced to dance to :-D


BLACKPINK - "Pretty Savage"

Charli XCX - "anthems"

Chloe x Halle - "Ungodly Hour"

Christine and the Queens - "La vita nuova" (feat. Caroline Polachek)

Dua Lipa - "Levitating"

Georgia - "Running Up That Hill"

Jessie Ware - "Save a Kiss"

Kacy Hill - "Unkind"

H.E.R. - "Hold On"

Kim Petras - "Malibu"

Kylie Minogue - "Say Something"

Lady Gaga - "Babylon"

Miley Cyrus - "Edge of Midnight" (feat. Stevie Nix)


I would also like to caveat two things to my dearest readers and listeners.

1. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to rearrange this playlist? I know I work in advertising and I am not a STEM, Gay In Tech, numbers, algorithm hunnie, but surely there is something wrong with my Spotify? Mike Brand? What say you?

2. My Spotify username is forever stuck as "1255253254." Yes we have tried to fix it. No it can never be fixed

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk!!!

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