Tuesday, January 5, 2021

GLW.20.23: Jamie Pfeifer

GLW.20.01: Ilana Bergstrom

GLW.20.02: Curt Trnka

GLW.20.03: Remko Van Knippenberg

GLW.20.04: Jem Woodward

GLW.20.05: Erik Kristjanson

GLW.20.06: Marisa Plaice

GLW.20.07: Russell Abdo

GLW.20.08: Garrett Bukunt

GLW.20.09: Megan Swidler

GLW.20.10: Garrett Tillman

GLW.20.11: Scott Lawson

GLW.20.12: Carl Anderson

GLW.20.13: Ryan Joyce

GLW.20.14: Nick Leddy

GLW.20.15: Desa Warner

GLW.20.16: Tony Schoenberg

GLW.20.17: Kim Dickson

GLW.20.18: Lukas Brooks

GLW.20.19: Lucas Posada

GLW.20.20: Ben Evangelista

GLW.20.21: Shay Corbett

GLW.20.22: Nicole Sabes


GLW.20.24: Dillon North


After much procrastination, I decided that the music that brought me the most joy and laughs in 2020 was that of better years past; so after much delay, here is a random list of songs that made up the soundtrack of my youth (I recommend throwing it on shuffle and letting the memories wash over you. Full disclosure: there are a number of songs where after the initial wave of nostalgia has passed, you should probably skip to maintain your sanity). 

Here are a few loose categories to kick it off:

  • The songs my mom sang to while she drove us around in elementary school: “Sledgehammer”, Phil Collins, Tracy Chapman

  • The songs I sang at the top of my lungs into a tape recorder and marched around the living room carpet chanting in grade school: Des'ree - "Gotta Be"; Proclaimers - "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)”; Ace of Base "All That She Wants"

  • The first cassette tapes and single CDs I bought at the Warehouse with my own money: Toni Braxton - "Breathe Again"; Paula Abdul - "Spellbound"; Anne Lennox - "Walking on Broken Glass”

  • The jams that got us dancing at the rec center dances in middle school: TLC -  "Waterfalls"; Notorious B.I.G. - "Going Back to Cali", 69 Boyz - “Tootsee Roll”; and the one that eventually got us to file out after the last few couples resigned themselves to the fact that no one could slow dance for the entirety of "Stairway to Heaven"

  • The first concerts we were allowed to go to unsupervised and the anthems that got us through high school: Blink-182, Silverchair, Green Day, Eve 6

  • The album that was forever in the number one CD slot in my fancy 6 disc radio: The Best of Phil Collins (You're welcome, Ilana!) 

  • The inappropriate songs Emory let us put on our warm up soundtrack blasting over the field: "Murder on the Dance Floor", "Bombs over Baghdad", "Pour Some Sugar on Me"

  • And all those jams in between that for better or worse we all still know all the words to because they were in the Top 10 on TRL for weeks on end: "Genie in a Bottle", Sugar Ray, Limp Bizkit, "I Want it That Way", Third Eye Blind

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